Celebrating A cup Girls!

Do you belong to the A Cup Girls? Might be pathetic you think, but really going from an AA to an A is still a big step up.

On the last page I wrote, I know I sounded a bit negative because I grew only 1 cup. There are other girls like Lucille Sorella who went from being an AA to a B (using something totally different) after supplementing her diet with herbs for quite a long time.

I envied her and I was kind of down because I was expecting more than a cup growth with the BB pills. I wanted to do my own experiment and write reviews but did not want to use herbs. All the reviews of others using this non-herbal pill were great, many succeeded with time.My growth was smaller.

But I decided it is not right to always feel down about things and belittle myself for not achieving what others did. It is time that I should give permission for myself and celebrate even a small growth. I feel absolutely fuller, and there is even a little bouncing going on for me. If you are/were an AA you know exactly how little an AA is!! So YES, I am happy that I could get a little bit bigger. It is still not easy to find clothes and bikinis but at least it is not impossible.

Here I would also like to thank for all the support from everybody, the kind-hearted submissions from guys who where willing to take time and write that they don’t mind small breasts at all.

Probably if you are an A to start with, you find nothing too much to celebrate. But you should! Would I like to be a B cup? Of course! But one thing at a time. Right now I am just happy for being an A!!!

My weekly/biweekly journal is here from the beginning. It is free.

What will I do to go from A to B? I will pick one from one of 2 methods mentioned above and will report :)

A Cup Girls in Bikinis are here.

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By Livia K

I have this amazing bikini above.

It will TOTALLY boost your bust with 1 cup!! :)

My picture is here :)