The A line Wedding Dress

Modest Wedding Gowns for Small Breasts

Congratulations! And yes, an A line wedding dress will look good on you if you have a small bust.

Maybe the following pictures and tips will get you closer to pick the perfect one.
wedding dress for small breasts

The A line wedding dress and the Princess dress is a perfect choice basically for any body type. However the A line more refers how the gown looks waist down.

However it is the NECKLINE that you need to focus on to balance your look if you have small breasts.

wedding gown, small bust,

If you are want the traditional look and you have small breasts, pick the A line wedding gown with the following neckline combination:

off shoulder wedding dress for small breasts

1. Boat or bateau: anything with a high neckline will make your breasts look bigger.

2. Scoop: the neckline has a U shape. Avoid the deeper cut. The higher the cut, the better.
3. Straight across/ Off the shoulder
4. High neck
5. One shoulder

ruffles for small breasts

If you are not at least a full A cup or small B, avoid these necklines:

1. Strapless
2. Sweetheart
3. V-neck
4. Square

square shape wedding neck for small breasts

The Empire waist wedding gowns are also will enhance your breasts but avoid the Mermaid wedding gowns except if you have a narrow hip.

high cut wedding gown for small boobs

Anything with a higher neck is great for you. The high neckline will make your small breasts look bigger. Consider padding or the "chicken fillets" if you want lower cuts. Chicken fillets are these silicone filled pouches that you slip into your bra under each breasts. They increase your boobs by one or two cup sizes and look very natural.

Extra lace or beadwork will make your breast look larger is well.
ruffles for small boobs

(Just one more thing to tell for the younger generation: girls with small breasts will find their soul mates too! :) Don’t worry, it is NOT the end of the world if you have small breasts! Love will find you when it's time... )

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