Average Breast Size

Average bust size is changing and started to get bigger. But why and where?

 In Japan or in China the average size is quite smaller than let’s say in Europe or in the USA. Asian girls always tend to have smaller frames, which comes with smaller breasts. A bra size "B" considered pretty big there while an A or AA cup considered average.


In Europe a size B would be average however this might be under a change. If you look at England (girls were always on the bigger side there) the average was a C cup and now it is moving a little bit up. But do you know why? Because girls in England just like in the US getting bigger and bigger.

While a B cup was average in the USA ( I would say it is still an average on the Costs) a C cup is gaining more popularity. But the only reason behind it is weight gain!

I visited my in-laws this summer in Nebraska and HollySweetLord! the average breast size there is not smaller than a D! But the average butt size is not smaller than a DDD either! My gosh!

I don’t want to offend anybody but what’s happening there? People seem so out of control, so overweight. It is almost sad. And it seemed like those women did not even care! We visited Mahoney State Park and went to the water park. I was so uncomfortable right at the beginning to be in a bikini. I had this thoughts in my mind that all women in the US are Baywatch babes and me in a bikini with an A sized breasts will be super frustrating.

Tell you this. I was shocked. Nobody cared. Nobody cared not just about me but about her own look as well. I’ve seen a couple plastic surgery byproduct women but mainly I’ve seen women with DD-E-F sized breasts and legs and thighs and butt. And they were having fun!!

In some way it is truly great not to be self-conscious and not to be low on self-esteem. On the other hand I think it is very unhealthy to be that big. You can have a big body frame with muscles and be big, that is different. But if you are only big because you are overweight than it is not good. They really need to do something about it!

So, although the average breast size in Nebraska is probably a D, I would not want to change my A cup breasts and body with any women there.


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By Livia K

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