So Ready to Have B cup Breasts!!

After 6 month brake from breast enhancement, I am ready to keep going and hope to get B cup breasts 9-10 month from now.

starting and going for B cup Dec 2010

Starting 9 month again now, December 2010. This is the "before" picture.

Going from AA to A took me 4.5 month twice and I am hoping the same amount of time will be enough to gain one more size and to have B cup breasts.

I’ve purchased Bountiful breast again at this recent huge sale they were having. I know I write about BB and mention them a lot, so you might think they give the pills to me for free, well, they don’t. I’ve never asked and I won’t. I did not make up my increase through these years and as you have seen, I did not have a huge change from the pills. But I am absolutely fuller and not because of weight gain.

There was a question why I don’t use Ultra Breast (UB) since it is a lot cheaper and supposedly contains almost the same stuff as BB. I say almost because nobody really knows what BB contains besides what listed on bottles, which is not too much.

Well, long time ago when I looked into bovine therapy breast enhancement pills it was a rumor that UB ingredients were coming from China and there is a slight chance for mad cow disease. I wrote to UB and asked about this and how they can guarantee that their pills are absolutely safe.

Actually the answer was the one that made me not to pick them. And there was nothing wrong with the answer but t I did not like the attitude. Basically they said that was I thinking they wouldn’t be in business by now if the pills were not safe. And they have a point but I did not like the style and voice they addressed my issue. I know maybe they were getting thousands of emails like this. Still, I did not like their customer service.

Of course there is another side to it. Some girls had really bad experience with BB’s customer service as well. I never really had any. Once I wrote to them that my body temperature is very low and Julie sent me (later I’ve learned) a standard email, she always sent. Erika was much more helpful. I’ve got more detailed info how much extra kelp to take.

Anyway here is a link to a review about UltraBreast. Many things in it I’ve learned later can be true but I also have to admit that it is more of a personal choice who you end up picking. And although Bountiful Breast pills are more expensive they worked for me. I am not going to try something else.

Bountiful Breast vs. Ultra breast

I will start my new program in November. ((edit: November became December...)) My mother-in-law will come to visit us at the end of October and will bring the pills. I have to wait until then because I did not want to pay for international shipping. It is very expensive.

If you are interested, please mark this page, I will post my results regularly and hope to get B cup breasts soon! :)

Update: Dec., 2011. I haven't reached B cup breasts at all. Early this year I took the pills but couldn't get my final goals. I am still an A, which is not bad going from an almost flat AA. At this point I think if I want to increase my size up to a B, I really need to eat more if I take the pills. I might do that but honestly, I am happy with my figure right now.

Bountiful Breast All Natural Breast Enlargement Pill

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