Benefits of Wild Yam a breast enhancement ingredient...

I went through many "ingredients" labels and checked many breast creams components and wild yam was always among them. Why is that?

Wild yam contains a special substance called diosgenin that can be converted in a lab into "natural progesterone" or it can be called USP progesterone (United States Pharmacopeia) or bio-identical progesterone. Yes,it has many names.

When you read the labels of breast creams most of the time it says "wild yam extract". In this case, the breast cream contains probably "only" an extract and the diosgenin was not converted into "natural progesterone".
However wild yam contains phytoestrogens, which will have (especially with the other herbs together) some estrogenic effect. All together they can retain water and contribute to the swelling of breasts.  On the other hand some women going through menapose felt a relief from hot flashes after taking this supplement. Check Amazon reviews. Keep in mind that what helps others might not help you.

The real benefit of wild yam:

It can get rid of spasm, muscle tension, and menstrual cramps. Those who are active in sports take it sometimes. Before you do that, try magnesium first!!
Helps to ease menopause symptoms, like hot flashes.
Helps to balance progesterone and estrogen level.
Helps to reduce inflammation.


Wild yam side effects:

Don't use wild yam if you have a hormone sensitive cancer

Large dose can cause nausea

If you are dealing with depresssion, wild yam can enhance panic attacks and anxiety.


Generally the best advice: Talk to your doctor before taking any type of supplements!

Small breast help :)

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By Livia K

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