Create a Cleavage in a Bikini
with Small Breasts


It’s bikini time without cleavage :)

So, how can you get a bikini cleavage?

This is a tough one! Getting almost naked in front of people when you are not a supermodel is not that easy.

For your sake you need to look around you. Nobody’s body is perfect, but there is something about everybody that looks good!

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So if you have tiny breasts ask yourself:

1. Am I going to just lay down at the pool, sunbath and do just very moderate swimming, no jumping into the pool or playing beach ball?


2. Am I an active vacationer? Playing beach ball, lots of jumping and goofing around?

Shop for your swimwear according to that.

If you are a laid back person, happy with sipping yummy cocktails: get a push up bikini top with gel inserts. Brazilian Bikinis have a good cut, since the Brazilian Girls are smaller on top.

Try to find a top with adjustable straps at the shoulders and around the back. Avoid those where you just need to tie a knot.

No matter how tight you do it, they will get loose after a while. Your top has to be perfectly tight so you don’t show any gap. Go for busy colorful patterns, those will make you look bigger.

Gel inserts are another option. They are perfect for light swimming. I wouldn’t jump around in them but just for nice and easy swimming and cooling off activity they work very well.

Careful! If you are totally flat chested, I wouldn't recommend a push up top. If there is nothing to push up, you are better without it. Even if your top is really tight, you could show a gap and you don't want that. Try triangle tops instead. Triangle tops look really good on small breasts. Try it with a light padding. You will not go wrong there.

If you are an active one: go for padded built in push up bra tankinis or a one piece! They are so perfect. They can flatter your torso so nicely and the built in push up bra or padding will give you cleavage. You can jump or swim freely in these.

Take this advice:

Invest in excellent swimwear. Even if it seems more expensive. You are going on a vacation, you want to feel good and not to worry about your looks and compare your breasts to everybody! At summer time on a beach you are in your swimwear most of the time. It is more important to have a couple of really nice swimming outfit than any other accessories.

Use a push up top only if you are at least an A cup (or bigger) to get an even bigger bikini cleavage. Be honest here! While it is OK and I bet lots of us do use padded pushup bras to make our small breasts look bigger, unfortunately you will not be able to hide that gap with a bikini top.

For flat-chested girls the triangle bikini tops are the best bet with a little bit of padding.


On the beach we expose not just our breasts but of course our legs as well. Get Great Legs: A guide to great legs for women. Tips for dealing with cellulite, varicose veins and stretch marks. Also great leg exercises, pampering tips and fashion.

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By Livia K

I have this amazing bikini above.

It will TOTALLY boost your bust with 1 cup!! :)

My picture is here :)