Can Black Cohosh Tea Help
to Enlarge Bust?

If you compare breast enlargement pills, you can see that there are pills that contain black cohosh, and there are pills that don’t.

Companies who include black cohosh among the ingredients would say that black cohosh is a phytoestrogen so it can help with breast enhancement. Those who omit this particular ingredient would say that black cohosh is not phytoestrogenic plus there is some serious side effect to it.

So what is the truth? Does Black cohosh contain phytoestrogen or not?

It is not known. None of the statement above have scientific proof, it is not known at this moment. The only thing that is "known" about black cohosh is the historical use and benefits. Indian tribes used it to treat menstrual cramps, joint pain and pain after child birth.

This herb is also  the main ingredient of the dietary supplement called Remifemin.

Remifemin is taken to relief hot flashes that occurs during menopause. Studies done to evaluate the effect of Remifemin are very controversial as well. Overall it is said that treating menopause is more effective with doctor’s prescribed estrogen hormones than with Remifemin.

On the other hand the hormones prescribed can raise the risk of breast cancer. That is why many doctors recommend Remifemin, which contains high quality black cohosh. By logic if Remifemin works, it should mean that black cohosh contains phytoestrogen.

If black cohosh contains phytoestrogen than it should have an effect on breast size as well. But it is all based on assumption, don’t rely on that. I am not a healthcare professional.

Side effects of black cohosh

Since this particular topic is about breast enhancement, it is warned prior that do not take breast enhancement pills and black cohosh if you are pregnant, under 18, or have any estrogen related cancer history.

Among other ingredients of breast enhancement Black cohosh is exceptionally very harmful if you are pregnant. It can cause uterine contractions and prepare the uterus for birth. At early stage of pregnancy it can cause miscarriage.

Other balck cohosh side effect that breast pill marketing companies are warning is that it can cause serious liver problem.

 We found no evidence to prove that. What was found is a trial done by the Nebraska District Court. A woman who needed a liver transplant after taking black cohosh was suing a company. She stated that her serious liver disease was linked to taking black cohosh that this company was selling.

It turned out that she was drinking alcohol regularly and taking other drugs like Advil , Sudafed and Waltrex at the same time while she was taking black cohosh. It is known that all these drugs could cause liver disease. Of course she lost the trial but the news spread like wildfire that black cohosh can cause liver damage.

You can read about the trial here. Basically black cohosh was not related to cause liver damage at this particular case.

Other possible black cohosh side effects:

Upset stomach,
Lower blood pressure,

Black cohosh overdose

It is hard to know what exact amount would be too much. The most tested dieatary supplement is Remifemin that contains black cohosh. The dosage that Remifemin contains might be the “safest” that you can think of. It is recommended to take a 20mg pill twice a day that totals to 40 mg. On the other hand if you buy Black cohosh supplement, one pill normally contains 40 mg, an it is recommended to take it twice a day. That will be 80mg per day. 

Black Cohosh Tea 

You can buy black cohosh roots and prepare your own tea by boiling roots in water for 30 minutes. It is a lot easier if you buy black cohosh tea bags and pour a cup of hot water over it. Let it stand until it cools. Get ready for a bitter taste. Because of the unpleasant taste, it is more popular to take black cohosh as a pill supplement if needed.

You can apply black cohosh topically using the tea you made from the roots to ease muscle pain. Sink a towel into black cohosh tea and put it on the painful area for 20 minutes.

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