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Generic Bovine Ovary Pills

I am getting a lot of emails, questions about the difference between generic bovine ovary pills and Bountiful breast pills.

BountifulBreast pills are not cheap that’s for sure comparing to plain bovine ovary pills. Most girls were able to increase breasts size by just using regular bovine ovary pills.

So should you take generic bovine ovary pills

vs brand-name pills?

Here is the answer:

"...Bountiful Breast contains bovine ovary and bovine pituitary from Argentina, and is processed using a proprietary homeopathic potentization process that other companies do not have access to and will never have access to. Ovary and pituitary work together in a feedback loop on the thyro-pituitary-ovarian access.

BountifulBreast is NOT the same product as the singular ingredient and plain bovine ovary found on the internet; these copy cat products decided to start selling bovine ovary because of BountifulBreast. Additionally, many bovine products are from China NOT New Zealand or Argentina.

One of the largest suppliers of dietary supplement manufacturing was caught labeling their bovine products as being from a safe country when in fact they had switched their supply to China without telling their clients!

This happened because the Chinese product was much cheaper than the New Zealand and Argentinean product and has the risk of contamination with mad cow disease. The lab able was able to boost their profits by lying to their clients and mislabeling products, in the end it is the consumer that gets hurt.

That particular lab makes a lot of the supplements we see on the shelves in the health food stores. They were sued several times when their clients had their products analyzed and found this manufacturer was cheating on quality and quantity of raw materials; this lab also has GMP certification. The brands they make are well known and famous.

Buyer beware, unless your Name Brand has strict controls and works only with an honest laboratory which is highly doubtful from some small internet company buying a no name label pill.

This issue is particularly dangerous when you are buying a bovine material. Don't trust your average bovine products from a no name, cheap company, you run the risk of getting a product from China that can have mad cow disease in it and you won't know if you have the disease for twenty years and there is no cure.

Bountiful Breast only works with an honest manufacturing lab and has staff on hand to check the incoming raw materials and invoices, lab test batches, and is present when the product is actually manufactured, sealed and labeled. Bountiful Breast has been in business since 1996 and works exclusively with one breast enhancement product that they invented.

They take the quality of their product very seriously. You can buy Chinese bovine from some no name brand label, fly by night company but you are risking being infected with prion disease..."

Well, one of the things you might don’t understand is the "homeopathic potentization process". It’s a term in chemistry and you can read more here. Nicely explained.



My Experienced Side Effects of Bovine Ovary Pills:

  • mood swings
  • very small weight gain
  • lighter periods
  • more frequent bathroom visits
  • lower sex drive



Others told me or I have read about additional side effects:

  • acne
  • headaches
  • heavier periods
  • higher sex drive
  • infertility among men

How I've gained 1" using BB pills within 14 weeks.

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