Breast Before and After Pills
- Week 14.

This page is a summary of a breast enhancement trial that has been going on for 14 weeks.  The breast before and after pictures are the result of a long 14 weeks trial.

If you are interested breast changes during pregnancy please visit here.

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Other than that: I’ve completed 14 weeks and here is my result: YES, I’ve gained 1 inch!!

I’m VERY HAPPY about it!! I am not sure if this picture really shows you any growth but I can tell for sure. You can see the tape too… My skin is SO fair that it is hard to take a good picture. And of course I don’t want to use Photoshop or any other "tool" to make them more visible to you ;)

breasts before
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breasts after
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Week 1: 31.5"

Week 14: 32 3/4" :))

Without the bra the growth is not that obvious. My breasts tend to be kind of more flat but definitely wider and rounder as well. I also see more gravity without the bra but I like it!! This is the same bra I had on 14 weeks ago. Now it really leaves marks on my skin, around the cups and also along the band as well. I guess it is time to shop for something bigger!! :))

I have 4 more week supply to go and I think I will go for another 4 month pills. 

Gaining 1 more inch would be my dream comes true! I would be a smaller B. Maybe for some of you it is STILL very small... But if you are an AA, trust me that is a HUGE step up. Plus I am very petite, that B would be just a perfect size for my body frame.

I am still taking 2 pills before bedtime. I also take Kelp every other day. L-tyrosine, well, I am very irregular with that. Maybe twice max 3 times a week. I take it before my workout. I drink 1 protein shake around 10 am and I drink one more after my workout (almost always in the evening.) The only other supplement I am taking is a multivitamin.

After shower I do some quick breast massage with cream (15 minutes would be ideal but I rarely do that much. It’s more like 3 minutes each breasts.)

One more thing: I haven’t researched at all but I’ve read it somewhere that sesame seeds can help breast growth. One thing I know that sesame seeds are super rich in calcium so I have this almond, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, dry sour cherry, raisins mix for snacks. I have no idea if this mix is a good boobie food but I guess it is super good for you. ;)
Happy more growing! :)

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