Breast Development in Girls

Everybody is unique so does breast development in girls. Some girls develop way too early (and most feel very awkward) and some develop way too late and way too slow (and they feel very awkward) The majority is lucky enough and develops "normally" as the book says.

Please know if you develop sooner or if you develop later than others, you are normal too!!

The most important thing during these years is to stay healthy, eat right, exercise, do some sports and try to focus on your studies. Make good friends who share your interests. All these will help to stay mentally stable, which will help you worry a lot less about things like breast development.


1. Read here about breast development stages, how your breasts will develop according to the "books".

2. Find information here on BMI.  Sometimes teen girls are very worried about being overweight and don’t eat enough. Not eating enough can jeopardize your breast development.

3. Teen breast enlargement here. When you think you are way too behind comparing to others.

4. A story when breasts were not a big issue ((20 years ago…;) ))

5. You can always use creams and massage After you got your first period it is good to massage your breast, get familiar with your breast tissues. Massage can improve circulation.

6. The media and beauty business-- Stars without makeup.
Your makeup should make you feel good about you, no matter what makeup ideas you choose! Use teen makeup tips to help you take better care of your skin while you're experimenting with different makeup colors.

7. Can you be a Runway Model with flat chest? Don't worry for a second if you are smaller on top.

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