Breast Development Stages

Here are your breast development stages: named after British pediatrician and professor JM Tanner. Doctors simply call it the Tanner-scale.

Do you worry that you develop too slow or maybe too fast? 

Here is guide that might help to point you into a direction. Keep in mind that this is only a guide, everybody develops differently.

Like this girl, who started to develop in her early 20’s. Be patient!

 Sometimes it might just takes TIME!! :)))

A little teaser: I was always very self conscience of my breasts, even before I figured out a reason WHY! I was also always a little on the chubbier side as well. When I was 14 I grew about 5" in a year to stand just over 5' 7" and then I gradually gained weight again. I always ate healthy and worked out but it was just hereditary to be a little larger, and have larger breasts. Well, I got older, and older and at 20 I was still a 36A and figured the only way I was going to have larger breasts was if I was ever pregnant. More here: Late Breast Development Story


Developing the actual full size of your breast will start anywhere from age 8 and when you are between 17-19.

Please note that the "age" indicates an average. This age can vary depending upon ethnic groups and genetics.

Stage 1: age 8-12: Nipple elevation only. This is a wide age range but we are all different. At first the only thing that will happen is that your nipple will stand out a bit.

Stage 2: age 13: About a year or so later, your breast bud will form. This stage is called "budding"; your areola (that’s the darker area around the nipple) will get a little bit larger.

Stage 3: age 14: Another year later, your breasts will start to get more elevated and your areola will widen further.

Stage 4: age15-16: Your breast size might stay unchanged, or get fuller. Also your breasts will begin to take shape.

Your nipple will stick out and might form a secondary mound.

Stage 5: age 17-19: Your breasts will get fuller and you will reach your final adult breast size.


If you are lacking self-confidence...

TIPS to survive while developing

Read here what influences breast development stages.

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