Breast Enhancement Cream Ingredients

 If you have realistic expectations, breast enlargement creams can be wonderful!

If you use facial creams and you see a difference than it is easy for you to understand that other topical creams, like a breast cream can work as well.

First of all: Get to know the ingredients.

Most sites are saying to look for one of these ingredients in a breast cream:

Pueraria mirifica,
► Wild yam.

Pueraria mirifica: mimics estrogen, while Wild yam mimics progesterone. But do they really do that?

Wild yam will not! Diosgenin can be derived from Wild yam but only in a lab. If you take it or rub it in, wild yam on its own will not give you the benefit of progesterone.

It is still possible to see results if you are using breast creams.

 Stay away from those sites that are promising 2-3 cup size increase. Nobody sent us an email so far, that breast cream alone helped her to increase breast size.

Breast creams (of course not all of them) contain niacin and caffein. These ingredients help to widen the blood vessels and that increases blood flow. Your breasts can look rounder as long as you are using it.

A good breast cream will firm, lift (if you have access sagging, don’t expect miracles either) and fill you out. You get fuller if you are massaging and using the cream on an ongoing time. And honest sites will tell you this.

I’ve tried many creams. I have never really experienced breast size growth but my breasts felt fuller and more "vibrant". I’ve just ordered Benefil breast enhancement cream. It takes about 7-14 business days for international delivery. But as soon as it gets here, and I start to use it, I can do a pretty good comparison on those I’ve used before. Maybe it will be a good match with my BB pills. Even if the cream is temporary.

If you are using herbal pills, (our recommendation is BA,) pick a combo, so the pills always come with the cream as well.

The natural breast cream review is coming soon! (If you have seen any results, please don’t hesitate to contact us.)

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