Breast Enhancement Massage

 I was searching quite a lot on this topic to see whether breast massage can really help to enhance breasts.

On thing for sure:  

It can’t hurt! Not even that, you can ONLY benefit from massaging your breasts regularly.

Why? Let me ask you this:  What type of bra do you have on right now?

If you have small breasts, I am positive that you are wearing push up bras, padded bras, liquid bras, inserts etc etc regularly to enhance your cleavage.

We all do that and that’s ok. It is also true that a fairly big percentage of women don’t wear the right size bra. So the cup of the bra is not the size it should be and the wire can cut into yout breasts.

Unfortunately if you don’t wear the proper size bra or you put too much pressure and push your breasts with inserts, you can damage breasts tissues.

It can lead to poor blood circulation and limit lymphatic fluid drainage.

All this tightness can limit the benefits that breast creams can offer.

Before you hope for any enhancement from a massage do this:

1. Wear a proper size of bra.

I think magazines and websites are very widely talk about the how to measure your bra size and get a proper bra, so that is easy to correct. Start there. This is your fist step for your breast health. Read about how to measure your correct bra size here.

2. At home try not to wear push up bras.

Once you get home, you can take it off. It is that simple. We can’t live without it outside of our homes but when we are at home alone, who cares?

3. Massage breasts regularly. If you ask me whether there is any special breast massage technique you should use, well, try this.

But you can try your own tecnique, the main thing is to do it! Do it gently but firmly enough at the same time.

I don’t believe in any harsh breast "slapping" that you can see on You Tube Asian booby massage videos. 

What cream do you want to use for your breast enhancement massage?

Small Breasts Help

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By Livia K

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