Breast Enlargement Fenugreek

Can you naturally enlarge your breasts with fenugreek alone?

Bad news. No scientific research to-date has been done to show that fenugreek will increase breast size.

However, fenugreek is a main ingredient in all the breast enlargement pills due to the fact that it contains phytoestrogens.

Phytoestrogens have an effect on our hormones and it is believed that it will stimulate breast growth. Many women have reported growth despite the lack of scientific

research.Since there is no scientific research on fenugreek, you need to approach it as if you are conducting your own trial. Fenugreek is definitely not poisonous but like everything it can have side effects.

You can try to use breast enlargement pills, which contain fenugreek or use your own combination of herbs for trying to increase your breasts.

Breast pills that contain the most fenugreek.

If you take fenugreek do not exceed 5000mg per day. To be effective you need to take at least 3000 mg per day.

When you buy fenugreek at online stores the serving size will normally be 2 pills, containing 1.22 grams of fenugreek. Doing a little math 1.22 grams = 1220 mg.

The recommended amount to take is 3 servings (morning, lunch, night) a day, which is 3X1220mg = 3660 mg. This way you will be taking the correct dosage.

 If you look at the ingredients of breast enhancement pills and you follow the amount they are suggesting, the maximum fenugreek you will take is 1600 mg per day. According to herbalists you need to take at least 3000 mg per day to see any results. So, take it into consideration before buying the pre-made breast enlarger pills. But these pills are staying on the safe side as fas as dosage goes. Side effects you need to know.

The amount mentioned above is what I have read, please do not take it as a medical advice!

Herbalists say do not take fenugreek pills for longer than 12 weeks at once.

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Breast Enlargement Fenugreek Seed Extract

Herb extract means that the dried or fresh herb is combined with water or alcohol. You can get the same benefit from liquid extract drops as you can from capsules. Look for low water/alcohol herb ratios.

You can mix a few drops with your body lotion and use it for breast massage.

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