Breast Enlargement Vacuum Pump

Would You Enhance Your Small Breasts

with Breast Enlargement Pumps?

Breast enlargement vacuum pump: Are they really a waste of money or there is something to it?

First of all you need to understand one thing. Most sites will state that a breast enlargement pump is useless and totally ineffective.

Do you know why? Because the well-known pump(s) (and let’s name it: the Brava system) are only available through certain sites.

All these sites that were created to give info and convince you what works and what doesn’t are very commercialized. The site owners only talk "positive" about those breast enlargement products that will give them commission in some way. Breast pumps are not really affiliated so basically the numbers of sites that will talk positive about breast pumps are very limited.

My personal opinion is that they work but only temporally. It’s hard to believe that the vacuum will actually suction the fat into your breasts.


The most popular breast enlargement pump is:
1. Brava

 What is a BRAVA breast enhancement system?

BRAVA is a so called a "medical device" for natural breast enlargement. Basically it is a breast vacuum pump that reshapes and increases your own breast tissues. It comes with two dome shaped cups that you place over your breasts in a sport bra. The "Smart Box" is the electronic device that will generate the pulling-pushing tension of your breasts by generating vacuum.

Will you really grow if you use the Brava system?

Here are some facts:

1. Yes you will grow but it is not permanent.
2. The official Brava site states that ½ or 1 cup size growth is permanent. (The truth must be somewhere between. It is possible that for some women it lasted but for sure there are other opinions out there too.)
3. It works only if you have very small breasts, like AA, A, B cup breasts.
4. Only available though BRAVA authorized physicians. (maybe that’s a plus. If a medical professional gives his name to this...)
5. The cups during suctioning can leave a red ring mark around your breasts but this is not permanent either.
6. You need to wear the system for min. 10 hours per day for 10-12 weeks! (No cozy moments with your partner. You can’t really skip nights.)

7. Price is over $900.

8. Don’t even think about trying if you have very sensitive skin, pregnant or nursing.

It’s up to you. If you are interested, go the official website of BRAVA system and get a physician nearest you who can assist. There are other breast vacuum pumps on the market for a lot cheaper and basically they work like BRAVA. Probably they have copied BRAVA.


Get the info on different breast pumps for enhancement.

Other popular breast enlargement pumps are:

1. Enhance vacuum pump
2. Amaxs system
3. Professional breast enlargement pump
4. Easy grow breast enhancement pump

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By Livia K

I have this amazing bikini above.

It will TOTALLY boost your bust with 1 cup!! :)

My picture is here :)

Girls over the Breastnexus forum really like the Noogleberry breast enlargement vacuum pump. It is much cheaper than Brava. See below.