Breastfeeding and Pumping

 Don't Worry! You Can Do With  Small Breasts Too!

While I was pregnant with my first baby I had some thoughts that I will have some breastfeeding difficulty. The benefits of breastfeeding were very clear to me, so for sure I wanted to breastfeed.

I was worried that my small breasts are going to be an obstacle. If you have small breasts and you are pregnant you need to quit worrying about that you will not have enough milk to feed your baby.

The reason you have small breasts is because you have less fat in your breasts. But you still have glands that will produce plenty of milk.

To breastfeed successfully you will need to have a healthy, protein rich diet, drink plenty of liquids and have plenty of rest.

The first days of breastfeeding are kind of difficult and can be stressful if you are a first time mother. You will have nothing much more than the colostrums. The milk flow will come in later. I know seeing how little colostrums I had, I was ready to cry. The nurses couldn’t stop telling me enough that it was normal.

You will hear it over and over that as your baby’s appetite increases, your body will produce more milk. If you are breastfeeding on demand, you should be fine. 

Herbs and Breastfeeding

If you are very anxious that you will not have enough milk to feed your baby, you can try herbal teas, like fenugreek tea or fennel tea. Both fenugreek and fennel are often recommended for mothers to help with milk production. Once your milk flow established you don’t need to drink these herbal supplement teas. Always be sure to drink enough healthy liquid. Water, juice, milk is highly recommended.

Avoid cokes, and of course any kind of alcoholic beverages.

Breastfeeding Premature Infants with Small Breasts

My first baby was premature (32 weeks). I was super worried that I will not be able to breastfeed him. Some women breast’s are changing sizes while pregnant. Mine weren’t. I was a full A cup. I didn’t feel any milk coming in after birth.

He was so tiny that he was unable to latch on my breasts. At the hospital I got this wonderful hospital grade breast pump called Lactina from Medela. The nurses insisted on pumping every 3 hours as I would feed my baby naturally. First couple days I have got almost nothing out just a tiny tiny milk. The nurses were so supportive and kept telling me that this is like gold for my baby. It has all the nutrition in a very concentrated way that he needs. So I kept pumping.

I think after 2 weeks I went from being an A cup to a D cup!

My breasts were really big and full with milk. I was producing much more than my son needed at that time. Our freezer was full with milk baggies. Ha! Unfortunately he was never able to latch on but I pumped for 7 month.

My second son was born full term. He was able to nurse, but I combined breastfeeding and pumping at the same time. The frozen breast milk came in very handy many times.

If you have small breast now and one day you will decide on breastfeeding, I would like to give you one advice.

It is very important to eat right, to consume extra calories while you nurse because you are going to lose weight!

If you are not eating enough and you are nursing at the same time, you will shed your weight very fast. Maybe it sounds great right now, but you will pay a price for it.

After a while you will not be able to produce milk and will have to stop nursing. Also your breasts will shrink very fast. That’s what happened to me. I ended up being an AA cup.

I made this mistake by not eating enough. Don’t do the same! 

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