Changes of Breasts and Pregnancy

Enjoy Your Breast Growth!!! :)

Women with small breasts often wonder how their breasts during pregnancy will change.

I get emails from young women worrying that they have such small breasts that for sure they will be unable to breastfeed. If you were never pregnant before and have small breasts, let me assure you:

Only a very small percentage of women will be unable to nurse their babies. Medical condition of the mother like cancer, HIV, taking illegal drugs etc. can and probably will limit breastfeeding.

 Even if your baby happens to have a medical condition like premature birth (like my son did), small size, weak physical condition, mouth problems like cleft lip, should not stop you to get your milk supply going by using a breast pump. Once your baby gets stronger you can start to nurse or keep pumping what I did with my first son.
Don’t worry, your breasts will grow during pregnancy. The size of your breasts have nothing to do with whether you will be able to have sufficient milk supply. What counts are the milk glands . When you are not pregnant, they are very tiny. If somebody has bigger breast, she has more fat built in not more glands. This is that simple.

On this page I would like to show you how breasts changes during pregnancy. I am lucky enough that I can be the model at this time. To tell you the truth I did not like the idea to be in a bra in front of many of you but I guess I should show what I preach.

If you have really small breasts, you will enjoy this time period in your life.

Not only that you are carrying a sweet baby in your belly but also you will see some curves! Enjoy! :DDDD

That's why I just put in a picture of a girl. I could be her easily at 5 weeks pregnant. I was pretty small and I did not take pictures although it went through my mind. I was way too shy. Sorry.

My breast size has changed from:
72cm/28 inch under bust
78cm/31incharound bust  to

82cm/32 inch around bust at week 22.

This is how to take care of your breasts while your are pregnant

My pregnancy took an unexpected turn and my baby girl, Aliz, was born very early at 32 weeks. She was only 3lb! She spent 6 weeks in a baby incubator. Thanks God, she is doing great! It is the middle of June now and she is almost 6lb! :)

Unfortunately (or maybe not) I will not post more pictures of my breasts as being pregnant. However if YOU are pregnant and interested sending your breasts changes, please contact me.

I am nursing and currently my breasts size is 36C. I can express 2 ounces of milk from each breasts. Once I am done, my breasts measures 36B. I am eating very good and my secret wish that my breasts will keep their sizes, 36B or if I loose my pregnancy weight I will be a 34B.

I have stopped nursing after 6 month. I am not too happy about stopping this early but she has never really nursed. Pumping was too hard lately. But I am thankful that my baby could get good stuff for at least 6 month.

Breast size? Nothing too good. Back to 34A. If I keep losing weight like this, I will be back to be a 32A.

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