Dee (Aus) - Week 9, Bountiful Breast

by Dee

I'm not too sure but I may have grown 1/4 an inch in week 9 (It's too little to tell the difference and it may just be due to human error).

Around Bust= 33" inches (add 5 as it's an odd number)= 38"
Under bust = 35.8"

I didn't feel that there's been too much of a difference from my reports for week 8. I still have pains in my breast so that's positive as it makes me feel that something is still happening even though I can't see it. I did have a closer observation in the mirror and I don't know if it's my imagination but perhaps, the inside of my breast are starting to build?

I am still taking the protein shakes twice a day but I guess the things that I can tweak are:

* whether I take the pills 2 at a time, once a day (as some ladies had mentioned)
* adding the L-tyrosine as recommended (I am already taking kelp but am unsure where to get the L-tyrosine)
* getting sleep at the appropriate times rather than late at night ie. 1am or later. (I am getting enough sleep but haven't been resting at 10:30pm/11pm as advised on health websites.)
* incorporating breast massages but this I want to take on further down the track.

This progress has been too slow for this month...

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JJ - "Week 9" Bountiful Breast

by JJ

End of Week 9, no new changes from last week. The 1/4" increase is still there.

I have been somewhat discouraged this week after having talked to my doctor about my BB experiment. I had my annual gynological check-up this week. I am not surprised that my doctor did not support my use of a product that is not FDA regulated, etc. But she also gave little credence to the use of ovaries/glandulars, etc. as therapy. Honestly, I don't think doctors know it all and there are some who seem closed-minded to different or less traditional therapies (drugs).

I have decided to carry on with my BB pills. I am considering splitting up the dosage, taking one in the AM and one in PM to see if it will ramp back up the growing pains. I have had tiny pangs here and there this week. It's just tricky with the schedule to split them.
I do know my breasts feel, jiggle and measure differently. And that is all the proof I need right now.

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Bountiful Breast - "Week 9" Dee

by Dee

I'm a little late in posting my weekly progress for week 9 as I have been extremely busy at work. At the end of week 9 things really didn't change. Didn't have any growing pains this past week, but I didn't lose anything either.

I was taking my 2 BB pills in the evening, but this past week, I was also taking a supplement to cleanse my liver, which I had to take at night and perhaps this interfered. I also had a rough couple of nights this past week where I could not sleep at all. This has nothing to do with BB pills, as I have not slept a full night in over 10 years.

I was able to massage my breast a few nights this past week. I have now switched to taking my BB pills in the a.m., because of some supplements I need to take at bedtime to help me sleep. I have also eaten a few meals very late in the afternoon and evening, which I know isn't good. I will try to be better with that next week.

My bras are still very tight and I am still using the bra extenders. My temperature readings in the morning still have been low. I am now taking Iodoral (iodine). See my posting regarding iodine deficiency.

I am trying not to get discouraged, but it is hard. I am trying to tell myself it will take 6 months or more. Even in puberty your breasts don't grow in 2-3 months, it takes years.

Congrats to JJ she has seen some grow!

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