by glen

Just like some may like butter pecan ice cream over the boring favorites chocolate vanilla whatever.It takes all kinds in the world.Personally I have always been delighted by the always more sensuous flatter feminine female.They just are so stimulating and unique compared to the other girls who are rather pedestrain and so so common.I don't let that close the other doors with other girls though.Everyone has something special for someone. Its unjust how society programs & conditions many to think act do or even believe .Im also glad that more of you are opening up& talking about this now with open forums like this.This could be just what some one needs to hear possiblly detouring a girls anguished torture over this insanity.Yes its insane.Reflect upon it for a moment.If everyone acted alike wanted the same things dressed the same the world would be such a dull drab place.Just like food I like to think Im international. So whatever and whoever you are dont let anything stop you from being you.Embrace your beauty in your very being 7 be confident in who you are.i wish i could practice what i preach loBut really this is so unbelievable in this day & age. Its not only insane but so unjust and actually untrue.Almost like if only redheads were protrayed positively as being sexy or the only wise people were ones who wore glasses. Whatever it is like when it comes down to nationality, religion, hair eye color whatever.I still can not believe that people still hold on to these things not only imprisoning them selves but also hurting others.Eventually so many woman let these feelings from being traumatized developing inferiority or security complexes as well as unwarranted confidence or stigmatized factors hold them back.Free yourselfs because none can control how you feel but yourself!The big breast theory that burdens so many is not true in the 1st place.Simple as that. One very beautiful friend of mine had implants in her late 40's & I told her because she knew I was so attracted to her before AA-cup breasts that she was still beautiful but it didnt matter because all that counted was how she really felt.So ladies remember don't let the falsehood of the big bosom thing wreck your chances in life.Be who you are and do what ultimately makes you content in your being.You are you.Actually guaranteed as the older you become you will become more and more of a gem because most of the others will be sagging and even your smaller sisters with age start growing bigger.Also their are so many like myself especially when it relates to meaningful relationships with older adult Acup femme fatales that can not find the woman of their dreams. I would never just limit myself to a smaller breasted woman because what the true treasures are whats in a beings heart& soul.Their are some that are closed to such a vast world of various for instance say flavors of ice cream.That their desire for one corrupts and imprisons them by the very thing they desire.In reality though most of my girlfriends were B-cup or smaller.So ladies smile because when it pertains to small breasted girls its definitely addition by subtraction.Of course while your bigger breasted counterparts develop even health issues you will be still proudly perky and ever so deliciously desirable.Like fine wine you will become more and more precious. Yes as the French say anything more then a mouthful is a waste. So smile because the others that let only the physical attributes dictate who they will go out with arent worth it in the first place anyways& that special someone is anxiously waiting somewhere for you one day.As my bed is waiting for me where we all our stars NO MATTER WHO WE ARE lol Goodnight Glen

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By Livia K

I have this amazing bikini above.

It will TOTALLY boost your bust with 1 cup!! :)

My picture is here :)