Flat Boobs

OK, so what to do if you are flat chested?

First of all, let’s be clear what flat chest is:

I often get emails from 12-13-14 year old girls saying that "...I am so flat, I barely fill out an A cup..." or "... I am not even a B cup, I am so flat". And I always have to tell these girls, that sorry but you are NOT FLAT! These girls below are almost flat but probably only the girl on the second picture is truly flat. The others have AA cups.

flat boobs

Probably when you compare yourself to others it feels like you are flat, but you are not if you have something. AA cup breasts are not flat breasts!

If you have flat boobs, you have NO boobs at all. If you are flat, you might have nipple elevation but no fat deposit at all. NONE. Technically you are flat, when you have a baby chest.

girl with flat boobs in bikini

You can always talk to your doctor. I would absolutely recommend it.

If you don’t have your period by age 15-16 you need to talk to your doctor.

If you have your period by then but showing no signs of breast development at all, you should also talk to your doctor. She will run some hormone tests to see what might be behind the lack of development.

You need to talk to your doctor if you had your first period at a normal time (around age 10-14) and 2 years after your first period you see no signs of breast development at all.

Now, if you have AA cup breasts or small A cup breasts 2 years after your first period, probably you are just fine.

I know we small breasted wish to be a B cup by age 15 but it doesn’t happen for all of us. Sorry. If you worry about it so much, you can ask for advice from your doctor. Ask her if she could recommend to do a hormone test. But if you have some breasts, even if it is only an AA cup, probably you are fine and healthy.

Why do you have so small or flat boobs?

1. Heredity: Look around in your family. If your mom or grandmas have small breasts, you can easily end up with small breasts too.

2. Check your weight: Are you on a constant diet? Dieting is the worst thing you can do when you are developing. (Eating junk food is the other worst thing you can do.) It is so important to eat healthy during these growing periods.

3. Check your body frame: girls with smaller body frames can end up with smaller upper body.

What helps you to get bigger?

1. If you are healthy (no hormonal problems) than accepting yourself would be the best.

2. If your hormones are messed up, hormone pills can help. Only your doctor can help with that.

3. Birth control pills can make you a little bit bigger. But again that’s your doctor’s call and not everybody will gain breast size taking birth control pills.

4. Eating healthy and also eating high protein foods are necessary to get rid of flat boobs. Cutting back on sugar and simple carbs will help. Unrefined grain products are important and those are healthy carbs to eat. Don’t go on a no carb diet!

5. Sleeping enough is very important if you want to grow.

6. Breast enhancement pills. These pills helped some women but that’s a an option for the 20+ years old.

Myself went from an 32 AA to 32 A.

7. Good bra: Maybe this review will help you:Victoria's Secret vs MaxCleavage

8.Massaging technique You can make your own "boobie cream" adding mainly fenugreek to the base.

9.Exercise: It will not put more fat into your breasts but will help to have bigger chest muscles and will give you the illusion that you have bigger breasts.Getting your whole body in shape will give you more self-confidence.

10. Cutting stress out.

11. Breast enhancement surgery. :(

Good sports bras that won't make you look flat.

A cup boobs in Italy - Vacationing with small breasts.

Small Breasts Help from Flat boobs.

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