Eat these Foods to Increase Breast Size

Sorry, no "magic" here either. Foods to increase breast size directly don’t exist. A lot of website would list flax seed oil, coconut oil, sesame seeds, protein, gelatin etc. etc.

Directly probably they won’t help. If it would be this easy all women with run around with big breasts.

However, I can see that some of them with the right diet can influence hormonal changes in your body and you could experience fullness.

Now that I am taking BB (check my weekly progress here), I really need to watch my protein intake to be effective.

Why protein?

Proteins help to build parts of the cell. They are everywhere in your body. Antibodies, hormones, enzymes are made of proteins for example. Proteins help to grow and develop tissues.

The recommended protein intake is 0.8 grams per kilogram. Some say calculate with 1 gram per kilogram.

For example if I am 53kg, I need to take 53 grams of protein per day.

Those people who eat a healthy diet, can have their protein intake with their food. If you find that your protein intake is not enough, simply eat more foods containing protein or drink protein shakes.
What if you eat too much protein?

Too much protein is not healthy either. Your liver and kidney will start to work harder to get rid of the extra amount your body doesn’t need. Make sure to drink enough water because you can get dehydrated when your kidney works harder. Too much protein intake can increase calcium loss. Too much protein can make you overweight and turn into fat by your liver.

If you are taking extra protein to help to increase breast size, you need to work out more. But if you work out more, you can loose weight and loose breast size. It is hard to find the right balance to drink extra protein shakes to gain but not too much extra.

What foods contain higher protein?

Meat, eggs (especially egg white!) dairy products, soy, beans, lentils, gelatin ( chicken feet, pig knuckles, Wow!) Organic product, which are free of hormones would be the best.

One more thing: while I’m on BB pills I need to avoid soy. I did not understand why soy would be bad for you but I’ve googled and this is what I’ve found.

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