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 The right corset creates cleavage. But be realistic! If you are an A cup, don’t expect by tightening your waist that you will look like a C cup girl. No, it will not happen.

corset 1920

With the right corset however (corsets come in different shapes and styles) you can create the illusion of being a full A or B cup girl. Corsets are capable of creating cleavage and a very feminine and mysterious look, even from a boyish looking upper body.

This is funny and interesting! In the 1920’s, when being flat was beautiful and in style, women with fuller breasts actually used corsets, called a pipe-shaped corset, to flatten their bosoms.

So, yes! Corsets can also make you flat like an ironing board and that is why it is important to figure out which style is best for you.

Why will a corset create cleavage?

It is pretty simple if you take a look at this picture. Corsets are made to cinch your waist. By doing that it simply pushes your hips down and pushes your upper body, including your breasts, upward.

corset smaller waist

The extra volume of weight is "molded" into a "funnel", so you will end up with a cleavage.

Nowadays corsets are comfortable compared to those that were worn in the 18th and 19th century.

A well made corset will make you slimmer by 2-4 inches (5-10 cm) but it is still nothing compared to the old days when 6 inches (15 cm) or above was normal.

Women suffered serious medical problems, such as fractured livers, lungs, and stomachs if they had laced their corsets to tight.

On the other hand, they had no other option. A loose corset was a sign of a "loose" woman. Who would want that title...?
Here are a couple of pictures of corsets starting with the Victorian style and followed by the S-shape Edwardian style. Hmm... none of them looks too comfortable.

Victorian corset
S shaped corset

Corsets were gone by the end of 1920s and it took 60 years when Madonna brought it back into style again.

The corsets made nowadays will make you feel tight, however they will not mold your body into an unnatural and unhealthy shape.

OK. They are not the most comfortable things on Earth but you will want to wear them on special occasions anyway.

A full corset (or also called an over the bust corset) will make you look fuller but it also depends on the style.

A corset can tighten you up so much that if you look at yourself from the side, you will look a little bit flat.

On the other hand, looking at your breasts from the top, you will see more cleavage.

Lots of women use a little extra padding to get even more cleavage and this helps so they don’t look as flat from the side.

If you have a chance to get a custom made corset, they will sew the padding in. However make sure not to over do it because you will look fake and too much padding shows!

For everyday wear, choose a sexy bustier top instead.

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