How to Pick Herbs for Bigger Breasts?


Are there any herbs for bigger breasts? The list is endless and repetitious.

Fenugreek, saw palmetto, black cohosh, fennel, etc. etc. But do you know what? PROVE IT!! Send us the before and after pictures and the list of herbs you have used!

Are you tired of the sites that promise the moon like this: "And the best part is that you gain 2 cup sizes and loose weight at the same time..."? Again, prove it! Keep a diary with pictures and prove it! Breast enhancement surgeries are obvious. Unfortunately, sites that advertise herbs for bigger breasts can’t really come up with any "real" pictures. Some of those are photoshopped images or if you dig further sometimes copied from breast plastic surgery sites.

Most of these sites will tell you that they tried hundreds of product and they have found the magic one that will work for you as well. Great!

But do you know why I don’t believe it? Each product takes at least 3-4 month trial minimum to see any changes or to make a fair judgment. If they tried hundreds of products (and you don’t have to be a math genius) than this means that at least there is a 20-30 year breast enhancement pill trial experiment behind them. Right? They must have pictures, notes or at least something that they could share...! And this is where it fails...

I know this site compares herbal products as well. Herbs can make changes to your body; they can absolutely cause swelling and make you look a little bit bigger. However, are these results permanent? Probably not. Does that mean that you should not take herbal pills for bigger breasts at all? If you do not expect too much and have the money of course, you can try them. Again, keep you expectations low!

 Here is the list of ingredients that most pills contain; you will see which one contains the most ingredients for your money.

I can’t prove any results for you either with herbs. However, I CAN PROVE a LITTLE RESULT with bountiful breast non herbal pills.

It has been a very slow experiment and it happened the very first time when I started to take the pills. The first 4.5 month was somewhat slow but my breasts started to improve nicely. The next 4.5 month helped to gain a full size and become a full A from an AA.  I have been taking these pills again since January 2011. The goal is to become a B cup. 4.5 month passed again and unfortunately, I can’t report any growth at all. I am still a full A but no more gain. I have another 4.5 month to go and I am hoping for the best. However, maybe I just have to accept it that I was destined to live with full As, which I am very thankful for that I could achieve. I will make sure to report the next 4.5 month as well.

I will also be very happy to list any legitimate stories with herbs for bigger breasts or if you experienced breast gain through any type of breast enhancement pill.

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