Herbs for Breast Enhancement

If you look at the herbs for breast enhancement pills review page, you will find that almost all of the breast pills have the same ingredients. The only difference is the amount of ingredients in these pills (and price of course).

There is a lady, her name is Lucille, who experimented using almost the same herbs but with a different dosage.

She worked with the following herbs for breast enhancement and went from being an AA to a B:

Red clover
Saw palmetto

Wild yam

She also used progesterone cream (USP) (can be substituted with milk thistle to have the same hormone balancing effect). She came up with her own Cleavage cream recipe (she is providing the recipe in her ebook, that you can make it at home). She explains how to apply cream to your breasts and how to do the "Chi massage".
She also talks about timing, when and how to take the herbs, which is crucial for increasing your breasts.

I mention all these because if you are new to natural breast enhancement and have no clue where to start and you don’t want to spend 100’s of dollars on breast enhancement pills and you don't have the time to do research on your own, her way is an excellent way to start. Unfortunately she has copyright on her e-book and I just can’t upload it here.

In her book she guides you where to get the herbs, although I think common sense will tell you to look around more on the web. At MountainRose you may be able to get it cheaper. They carry organic herbs and they are super cheap. (Comparing to the ready to take herbal pills, like Breast Actives.)

One thing: Lucille works with high doses.And probably it is needed. The main thing you will take is fenugreek. Although fenugreek is a very safe herb, it is not recommended to take fenugreek if you are:

Pregnant or nursing, (you can use fenugreek only the first week after giving birth to increase milk flow.)
Have peanut allergy,
Have bleeding or blood clotting disorder

Several people increased with Lucille Sorella’s method. She also states that it takes time, she went from AA to B within 16 weeks AFTER she figured out the right combination of herbs she needed to use for herself. She also states that her way to do it is a guide, a very good guide but still a guide. If you want to experiment and not spend a lot, her way is a great way to go. But you need to stick with it.
I've gained 1.5" after 8-9 month with Bovine Ovary pills.

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