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This page is a special "Thank you" to my web-host team: Site Build It!

They are not just a provider to my web business, they are truly special.

Have you ever read or seen Charlotte’s Web? Well, some people around me think that I am Wilbur the Some Pig ;) and that I am super smart and talented to be able to create this site that actually brings in money.

However, I know well, that I am nothing else but an ordinary Little Pig ;) and truly the job gets done by Charlotte: the SBI Team. The only thing I do is type and come up with ideas. But SBI is the one that makes it possible for me to find You. Or You find me.

You see; the web is huge and very competitive. Probably there are hundreds and hundreds of sites just like mine (probably much better too), but nobody reads them. If your page don’t come up on the first page or two when you search on Yahoo or Google, well forget it. Nobody will find you.

Well, my Charlotte’s people = the SBI Team tells me what to do, what "keywords" to use, so I can be found.

So Thank you, thank you, thank you very much!

The funny thing is that basically anybody can turn into a "Some Pig". :)

Back in 2007 I was really unhappy with myself and spent hours and hours searching on the net to find solution for my small breasts. Finally I told myself that enough is enough.

It was enough that I felt sorry for myself and spent all this time in front of my computer finding solution how to get rid of small breasts. I realized if I spend this time in front of my computer, I should be more productive and make some money.

I can’t recall anymore how I bumped into SBI but thanks God I did! They showed me that any idea can be profitable on the internet if you are using the right keywords.

If you know what keywords people are using to search, you can make them to come to you. Once you have many of them checking out your site, it is very easy to make money, like I do with Google Adsense. Actually when I found SBI, I realized that the hours I spent in front of my computer searching on the subject interested me (small breasts solutions) is a great idea to use to make my own website. So I created this site and I help others while I make money. It is a great feeling!

I believe that anything that you want to change or share about yourself can be a great topic for a website. I mean ANYTHING! It can be cellulite, big nose, jealousy, crying kids, etc. But your favorite vacation spot can interest many as well. People want to know how to write resumes, how to save money, cut spending. They are interested in recipes, dogs, birthdays… it is endless.

Basically any website idea can turn into a successful online business with the help of SBI. And I appreciate them!Thank you for reading!

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