I miss my small boobs

by Maria

Hey, I had a 32A (actually a 32nothing...) and got a 32B from plastic surgery when I was 23 years old.

I was totally flat, in other words, I had the same chest at the age of 9 and 20. I was not able to find any bra that suited me well. I used to use padding and gel bras, but anyway, they created a gap on the top. I hated that. I actually remember that when I was at high-school and lifted my arm in class to ask a question in class, my bra used to move up too, so that its padding was then above my nipple... (and that I had to place it again, which was embarrasing).

Then I got a boob-job. I insisted that I did not want big boobs, I just wanted boobs! (since I had nothing before!). I chose the smallest implant size available and told my surgeon "I want that men keep on looking me at my eyes...". After the surgery, I was not happy because my boobs looked so big to me! Actually, they took almost one year to get the final (smaller) size.

Now I have a 32B and look gorgeous. Anyway, if I could get my surgery redone (which I will probably have to do sometime) I would choose even a smaller implant, if possible. I know I will then look worse (following the beauty standards) but I would like much more myself, I think, because I prefer smaller boobs.


- Because I consider that small boobs are more elegant than big ones. They usually have more class. I consider that big boobs are often vulgar. I would actually decrease a little my current size if I could. Now that I could use push-ups and so on, I don't want to, because I don't want them to look bigger.

- Because I was born with small boobs and I did not want to get a radical change when I got my surgery done. I did not want to change myself, I just wanted a little retouch to look better, but still me. And there is nothing wrong with having small boobs. Regarding boob-jobs, I think that in case of mistake, it is better to be wrong in default than in excess.

- Because no man has loved me much more since I got my breast enlarged. I've got much attention, but never the one I was looking for. Men have always been attracted to me because I have big blue eyes, I am very beautiful, I am intelligent and charming. I did not need to get boobs to attract men. Now that I have them, I still don't want that my breast to play any role in this game either! Besides, I'd rather prefer not to attract men because of something that it is fake! It would actually offend me! My intellect, my smile, the look of my eyes, my enthusiasm... that's real and much worth than my breast (specially if it is not even mine!)

- Because my implants have made me feel unconfortable in bed when I had a new boyfriend, much more than with my flat breast. Why? Because it matters a lot to me that the man doesn't think that I am superficial... and because I am afraid they look fake and it could makes me look like an artificial girl. I have a PhD in engineering, and the men I usually date, are attracted to me because I am brilliant, well-balanced and a woman who inspires them respect... and I don't want that my breast implants makes dissapoint them somehow. Anyway, if there is someone my implant have to please, that's me first.

So, in summary, I am happier with my implants than with my totally flat chest (I am now able to buy bras, bikinis... and I like myself much more now), but I'd get them reduced if I could and just get a small "even fake" breast.

In conclusion, this is my ranking:

1st: The breast size you were born with, including the small ones (except flat ones): I think that it is more important that they look beautiful and natural, than the size.
2nd: "silicon breast": it is far than perfect, but at least, you have breast.
3rd: "flat chest"

So, I would only advise surgery to correct some defects, but never the size.

And finally, girls, just give it the right amount of importance. They're just boobs... I usually tell that big boobs are not so impresive, any woman can pay for a pair of boobs (as I did, haha), but brain material has just no price.

I hope this information helps other girls.



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Jul 24, 2013
Body-Shaming Sucks
by: Anonymous

"Because I consider that small boobs are more elegant than big ones. They usually have more class. I consider that big boobs are often vulgar."

Gee, thanks. Nice to know that my natural breasts are vulgar. Get over yourself. You don't need to put down other women in order to boost your self esteem.

Jul 10, 2010
my sentiments, exactly...
by: Ms 34C

hi maria, when i read your post, i felt that i could relate somehow. i used to be a 32 A and wore padded push up bras (maximizers, you name it) all the time. i had always wanted to have bigger breasts so i could fit into the bikinis i have always dreamt of wearing and considered having surgery done in the future. when my boyfriend started seeing somebody on the side, and when i saw that she was a biggie, that got me to immediately (after years of contemplating and having second thoughts) jump in the bandwagon. i consulted a plastic surgeon and got new breasts. by the way, i am a doctor. right now, i have gotten used to my new pair but it wasnt always that easy, especially post operatively. right after the operation, it could be the anesthesia, but i could not explain why i was so sad. when i looked in the mirror, it was like i didnt like what i would see. sometimes i felt that they were too big for me, sometimes i felt that they were too small. in short, the operation itself created all these negative feelings. i still didnt feel that better. i guess because bigger breasts didnt bring my ex back to me, and i realized that my old breasts never had anything to do with my failed relationships. another thing that i am still quite sad about is that i am getting attention that i dont like, now i feel that men do not consider me as worth listening to, and i really feel the difference in the way that they treat me now that i have bigger breasts than when i had smaller ones. the new guys i meet seem not to think that i could be very smart, and i feel bad, because i have always been at the top of my class, and now when i get inside a room, it's like nobody expects me to say something intelligent. no one even asks for my opinion. its horrible. i dont get elected as team leader anymore. and worse, i still dont feel sexier now, and when i look in the mirror, all i see is a fat lady who used to be sexy and petite, all because im top-heavy now.the breasts actually make me look fat! i look so big. and i had to pay a lot for these pair! now, i am never getting another operation, im getting used to my breasts and the attention, but i have to exert more effort just to show people what i've got up in my head. i have to go the extra mile to push away their first impression of me and to make them see me as the smart woman that i am. all im saying is, all of us are created beautiful. and sometimes it takes a life-changing procedure such as breast augmentation to make you appreciate what you have always had in the first place, without going under the knife, without doing anything.. at all.

May 03, 2010
thank you
by: Anonymous

Thank you for this honest post. I am very flat chested, not even an A cup probably and have always been self-conscious about my breasts and how clothes fit me... always wearing a padded bra and having a very hard time shopping for swimsuits in the summer. I've thought a lot about getting implants, small ones just like you did, but have held off for the same reasons you mention. Thanks for giving us the perspective of someone who went through breast-enlargement, and sharing the pros and cons of post-surgery. Very helpful!

May 08, 2009
Five star plus
by: Livia


No doubt that you have a PhD in engineering:) You are very logical!

And what a great post!

Although I wonder what you really consider flat.
Maybe what's flat in the US, it is still OK here in Europe. Because I think, according to your measurement, I am flat :(. And I don't want implants. Why? You've said it all. ;)

Thank you very much for contributing!


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