LOVE small breasts

My current wife is a small B, sometimes A depending on the particular garment. As was my first wife. I have always found small breasts infinitely more attractive than large ones, and would never even date a woman who has had implants.

Small breasts are, in my experienced, much more senstitive than large ones. Large breasted women invariably get less enjoyment from breast play.

If you are blessed with small breasts, please, please please do not change them. Revel in the perfection of them. They won't sag or become distended, they will function perfectly, and they will excite the right man no end.

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by: John

When I see women with huge breasts all I can think of is "got milk?". I wouldn't even consider dating a woman with implants (except for reconstruction). On thing I love about small breasts is the subtilty, they seem more feminine and less bovine. But really it's is the whole package that counts.

the wonderful woman....
by: Sahaja

Many years ago, when I was about thirty-five, I met a woman and fell hopelessly in love with her. She was slender and was flat chested and when she would walk into the room, everything disappeared except her; I was totally smitten!
At night we would spoon and I would cup one of her breasts in my hand as we fell asleep. She would nuzzle up to me and I could feel her warmth and smell her hair and was deliriously happy to be with her.
It is now thirty-five years later and although we are not together, I think of her all the time and wish I had not left. She was the best thing that ever happened to me and I love her still.
It isn't the breasts that make the woman, it is the woman who makes you feel the way you do about her.
Be happy with the way God made you and when you find love, give yourself completely to that person and your love and be content.
-A lonely old man

Be proud of what you got
by: Rob

If there is one thing about a woman that drives me crazy, it's small breasts!!!! Ladies, don't fall for the lie that if you're not large chested, you're not attractive!! This message is being sent to you by the "ManPigs" that control the media. Big breasts are disgusting in most cases. Being sexy has NOTHING to do with size. It has EVERYTHING to do with being comfortable with what God has given you. Give me braless A or B cups behind some silky material and I become an animal. Be PROUD!!!!!!

by: Anonymous

This was a beautiful article. I have full A cups and it's taken me 19 years to be comfortable with them. I love them, though :) Petite, feminine and sexy. :)

by: Anonymous

Ohh..m glad 2 read this article cz i too hv a 30a size n hv been vry consious abt it..kept thnkng of increase its size anyhow. Now i juz hope dat i cn make my guy feel gud wid my small boobs..fingers crossed ;)

Here, here.
by: Anonymous

I am total agreement. Nothing seems to depress me more than a beautiful lady with what appears perfect breast, ruin them with implanst, and loose, a large percentage of their sexiness, (in my eyes, anyway).
So once again....I have always and always will be hypnotized by the small breasted women.

Thank you!
by: Livia

Thank you Sir for your comment. Girls need to hear this. Sooner or later young girls will realize that small breasts are nothing to be ashamed of.

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