Male to Female Breast Enlargement

What is your option if you thinking about male to female breast enhancement?

1. Breast augmentation surgery: Surgery is probably the final thing what you should do. Many plastic surgeons will not even perform a breast augmentation surgery for you before you try hormone treatment prior. The surgery is very similar to a breast augmentation surgery performed on females however reaching the final cup size you prefer might take longer and takes more then one surgery. Your skin might not be able to stretch to the final size at once.

2. Breast cream: The new Transfemme breast cream is designed for Male to Female use only, to directly boost breast tissue size and shape by delivering a strong dose of estrogen.

Transfemme breast cream is to be used as an adjunct to your overall feminization with Tranfemme. This product will not be sold to biological females and is not suitable for females due to the high levels of estrogen. This cream may also be used on the face to feminize the facial skin.

3. Breast pills: Do not expect miracles. While it is possible that you will experience breast growth, it will be 1 max. 2 cup sizes. But probably even that much growth can make you more comfortable to feel feminine. Some of the breast enhancement pills you find on the market are plant based and contain phytoestrogen and there are some non-herbal pills as well.
The mostly advertised herbal pills are Breast Fuel for males. I checked the pills out but see it for yourself.

Here are the the list of ingredients and the amount what Bust Fuel pills contain per servings.If you compare those with THIS TABLE you will see that Breast Fuel has a smaller doze of ingredients.

Instead, you can try Lucille's method, which is very cheap and worked for thousands of males. Lucille is using high doses of herbs.

You will buy the individual herbs, which are much cheaper than getting any complex pill. You will make your own breast cream, using mainly fenugreek. She will show you the breast massage technique you will need to use.And yes, you will take hormones too. BUT! It takes a long time to see results... Although if you think about it, no matter which way you choose to enhance your breasts, it will take time. You starting out flat, and to achieve at least an A cup will take time, no matter what. I went from AA to A within 8 month.

For Lucille's book click here!

4. Hormones for male to female breast enlargement: Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) using prescription pharmaceuticals. HRT can be one of the most efficient way to enhance breasts but not everybody will get huge or even bigger breasts in the same way. Look around in your family, you can get a possible sign what to expect. If your mother, grandma, sisters don’t have big breasts, probably yours will not be big either. However this is just an estimate. But this one applies to us women as well.

If you choose HRT, you will need to consult with a doctor (if you use over the counter breast enhancement pills you should consult with a doctor too...). And get ready that you will be on HRT for the remainder of your life. The official amount of time you're told by a doctor is usually 8-10 years for breast growth.

Here is a great lady - Brenda’s short summary about her male to female breast enlargement experience:

Small Breast Enhancement Home page.

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