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First of all I am a female with very small breasts. I’ve started to take breast enhancement pills again (second time in my life) to see if I can get bigger.

When my order and the instruction arrived, it caught my eyes that this product ca is also for males who want to become a woman and wanting breasts to grow.

This site that you are reading now is about small breasts and finding solutions to increase breasts size even a bit if it’s possible. My intention was to write it to my fellow small-breasted females but if a product can help males as well, than I think I need to include it.

The instruction I’ve got says that females need to take 2 pills per day while males should take 8 pills. That’s a bunch of pills!

These pills are pretty expensive even for women but if you are serious about it and want to try, yours will costs 4 times more! The supply I bought for 4.5 month will only last 1 month for you! :(

But! I’ve heard it is a serious product and get you the results you want. Serious product if you take it seriously and if you truly want to become a female.

Why serious? Because you can permanently change your body.

Male wanting to grow breasts "side effects":

You will smell more feminine, you will lose body hair, if you take it more than 6 month probably you will lose the ability to father a child. Your areola gets bigger and your breasts get bigger. Your body will deposit more fat, you will look curvier and you will even feel and be more sensitive. If this is what you want, I can only recommend checking this site out.

The other thing I can recommend is to follow my week-by-week result summary and see how it works for female. I know it is not the same, since I am a woman. But I have very small breasts, an AA cup. Maybe my online journal can help you decided if you want to try these pills. Please cross your fingers for me because I really really want to grow!

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By Livia K

I have this amazing bikini above.

It will TOTALLY boost your bust with 1 cup!! :)

My picture is here :)