Swimwear fo Mothers
with Small Breasts

Hollywood moms have perfect bodies. Perfectly shaped at least C cup breasts, ripped abs and toned legs. They fit in the tiniest bikinis 6 weeks after they gave birth. Right?

Well our moms don’t. Mom’s here have small breasts, stretch marks, a little bulging stomach and they still put on bikinis.

Why not?

I am sorry if you are expecting pictures of bigger moms, with bigger breasts and legs. I know they are real and normal moms too.

But this site is supporting small breasts and just wants to show that not all moms have big boobs. There are so many of us out there with children and small breasts!

Please don’t get down about it like I did!

During pregnancy and after giving birth normally all small breasted ladies gain significant breast size.

I went from a full A to a very full C. I loved it!

Unfortunately after I stopped nursing my breasts got even

smaller than a full A. I know that is normal too but I was very down.

It took me a while but I gained my original size back.

Now in August we are heading for a little vacation to the beach with our kid.. Please come back for bikini pictures! :)

Moms can wear bikinis even with small breasts.

Who said that you shouldn’t? Probably tiny micro bikinis are not for your age but triangle bikinis are!

No need to cover yourself and put on swimsuit if you loved bikinis before.

For a mom bikini:

Pick triangle, padded bikini tops, colorful, larger patterns can do wonders.

Try to avoid black tops, those make you look smaller.


More Bikini Tips for Small Breasts

Small Breasts Help Home from Mom bikini.

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By Livia K

I have this amazing bikini above.

It will TOTALLY boost your bust with 1 cup!! :)

My picture is here :)

Great Swimwear for A Cup Moms :)

Just click on the Pics