Natural Breast Enhancement
I've gained breast size... :)

You like it or not, natural breast enhancement is possible although it is a very long project. It takes time and the growth is not! 3-4 cups. For some people if it’s not really that much visible, it doesn’t even exist... Herbal and non-herbal pills can influence the fullness of breasts and a 1-2 cup gain is very possible.

Of course it is pretty hard to pick among the zillions of pills and creams. One thing for sure: we haven’t got back any positive feedback on breast enhancement gums! They are not too cheap and besides cleaning your teeth, you shouldn’t expect too much. If you have the money for gums, you might as well try herbal or non-herbal pills.

Even breast enlargement creams can be an option but beware: They are very good for giving fullness but not 2-3 cups size increase. The honest sites are very clear about this. Breast enhancement cream alone will not alter your body and will not give you way bigger breasts. If you are happy with fullness, go for it. You will get that!

Another natural breast enhancement is breast pumps. I know there are even real doctors behind these products trying to convince you that pumps will help to enhance breasts. Tell you this: it is a very long process and not too comfortable. Wearing the device for 10 hours straight every day for a long time, well it really requires a huge amount of dedication.

Our recommendation is to pick only one.

1. BENEFIL: Because it will give you fullness as described on the site. Temporarily only, we must say.

2. Non-herbal pills: So far we are very happy with it. See before and after pictures below. It seems like, it is going to last. I used to buy a pill so called Bountiful Breast but this one on Amazon is ridiculously cheaper.

Small proof:

gaining breast size before
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gaining breast size after
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3. Breast Actives (the cream combo) fenugreek based herbal pill: Because it has the best herbal content. Some people had success and some didn't. Don't go with less ingredients than Breast Actives contains if you pick an herbal pill.

See ingredients comparison here.

+1. For total beginners on Herbal Breast Enhancement who are serious about it: Lucielle's book is an excellent tutorial on natural breast enhlargement with HERBS.


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By Livia K

I have this amazing bikini above.

It will TOTALLY boost your bust with 1 cup!! :)

My picture is here :)