Open shelf bra for small breasts?

Yes! Believe it or not, the open shelf bra looks the best on women wearing an A or B cup size.

Of course if you browse the internet, you will see women with C or D cup advertising these type of bras, but I bet that they are not natural!

An open shelf bra doesn’t provide any support if you have bigger breasts. It provides a small lift for women with small breasts. Their breasts are not as heavy and a little lift can be achieved by this type of bra.

Also, it leaves your breasts very exposed and the little shelf (basically where the wire should be) holds your breasts a bit. If a natural C or D cup lady wears this type of bra, her breasts will droop and it will just not look right on her.

Chopper Bar Lace Shelf Bra

Shelf bras are too trashy?

Of course as anything, like a high heal shoes can look trashy, an open shelf bra can look trashy in many women’s eye.

But I believe if it is worn in the right place, at the right time, with other right accessories, it can look very feminine, and it can bring a great time to you and to your partner’s life. Once in a while it is nice to say bye-bye to you old flannel pajamas and surprise him with a great treat!

If you decide to get one, please, pick something nice. Don’t get anything that looks cheap (but it doesn’t have to cost a fortune!) and make sure that you don’t over do it for that special moment. I mean, too much, too busy looking sexy lingerie, or too much huffy-puffy-powdered makeup and hear at the same time can be a shock and even a turn off.

Why to get an open shelf bra?

Because this is a bra that women with small breasts will look great! It changes your whole attitude and will make you feel very desirable. It is true that you will need to wear it with great confidence. But it is also true that it WILL bring you confidence once you put it on!

Minerva Rhinestone Shelf BraMinerva Rhinestone Shelf Bra - $ 29.95
Delicate venice and sheer net create the Minerva Bra, with elasticized, adjustable shoulder straps, underwire cups and a hook back closure. The cups are studded with rhinestones.

Camis and tank tops can have an open shelf bra?

Yes. When you hear that, you don’t need to think of the sexy lingerie mentioned above. Camis and tank tops can have a built in double linen lining and also an elastic band that goes around the bottom of your breasts for some support.

The whole purpose of a built in shelf bra is not to wear a bra. It is designed for women with small breasts, since they don’t need that much of support. To tell you the truth, I still wear a bra underneath. I don’t like that it makes me look very flat. I think a little padding and lift is needed to feel good in this tight outfit.

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