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I have tried so many ways to increase my chest size before.

After being unsuccessful with Beauty Breasts herbal enhancement pills a couple of years ago, finally I decided to give natural breast enhancement a try again but with something different at this time. Increasing breast size with an herb based pill is temporary in my opinion. It is almost the same like using breast creams. While you taking it, it is possible that you will see changes and puffiness. However I haven’t come across women saying that it lasts.

The trial has finished. First, I took the pills for 4.5 month. After that I took a break and took more pills for another 4.5 month. It is interesting that the most result came from the first 4.5 month. Overall I’ve gained over 1".

The gain took me a long time and emotionally it was very difficult. It is hard to take the pills, drink the shakes and realizing that nothing changes. Your hopes are high and for a while you keep telling yourself that it is OK if you haven’t seen changes this month because it will get better next month. And you know that your really need to put more fat into your breasts because this is the only way to have bigger breasts permanently. Herbal pills make you swollen . This pill helps you to have more fat. The tape measurer showed the changes by the end of the trial but it is not like you will "feel" every tiny-tiny changes. It was more like: "Did I really grow this much? Wow!" I filled my bras out much better, that was the only thing I felt. Visually it was very hard to see the changes.

Will you gain weight while taking the pills? Not significant, but I did. I know it says that you will not but the shakes will give you extra calories and if you don’t work out harder than your body keeps it. 
Does the growth lasts? As long as you are not trying to lose weight, it does. If you go on a diet, or if your life gets stressful and you stop eating healthy and enough you will lose weight. And you will lose breast size. 
I kept a weekly diary and I tried try to be as detailed as I could about my progress. I opted for the 3 months supply and this way I was getting a 1.5 months free. 
I had a 4 month break from the pills. Here is what happened during that time:
"Unfortunately I think I lost breast size in the last month but I have lost weight as well. December was a very difficult time for me and it is not over yet. Things are very stressful right now and that's not ideal to increase breast size. So I decided I don't really want to waste the pills. I want to start it again when I can focus on myself more. And I hope it is not that far... Let's keep positive! Let's increase breast size :)!"

((I just don't want to delete it. The Moon phase shows the Moon's current size))
Full Moon! Do you know what that means? After full moon the moon (at least what we see) is getting "smaller". While it is a great time to start a diet but it is definitely not a good time to start taking breast pills if you want to gain volume.
Once you have the new moon (basically you see nothing from the moon at this time), it will start to "grow" again. That is the "ideal" time to start to take "growing" pills.

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