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This is Livia. Welcome to my website about small breasts!
I used to feel about myself as this website address’s states.

I felt like having small chests were some type of "disease" that I really have to fix. This website was built back than when I've tried everything natural I could do to increase my breast size. Pills, massage, chicken feet diet (I know!!! :) ), protein shakes, hypnosis. You name it, I did it. Except surgery.
If this is your first time here...and if you have small boobs this site will be a reassurance for you that you are not alone. There are many of us out there whose breasts are only an A cup or less.
You will find my journey and my struggles. Believe it or not, I was able to gain a small size but it wasn’t as visible as having breast augmentation surgery.I went from almost flat to an Abut it is still very tricky to maintain the size. Any type of weight fluctuation, meaning losing weight has almost immediate effect. If you have small breasts, you can’t really afford to lose weight because you will lose breast size. 
However by now I am more mature (I think ;) ) and I've learned to except what I've got. I want to say a big thank you for all the guys who took the effort and contributed this site. You not only helped me but you have helped and continuously are helping all the women who are visiting this site. 
Throughout this site you will find many small chested girls in bikinis or just not too much clothes on showing their small breasts off! Decide it for yourself but small breasts are beautiful too!
This site is among the very few natural breast enhancement sites where there is a real person behind it. It is not the "we tested several products" type of site where the only purpose is to sell you something.
I pay for everything I write about. I pay for the breast pillsbreast cream, bikinis, bras to test it. I haven’t got anything for free to advertise them...
However, this site also tries to assure you that there is NOTHING wrong for having small breasts. Do some changes if you want but small is also beautiful.:)

The pressure is "huge" on us from advertising and the media. Some girls can ignore that and some can't.
If you can not, then I hope this site will give you ideas how to make your breasts look better and keep them healthier.
I will show you what you need to do to achieve your reasonable goals.
This site is about reasonable solutions.
If you are searching for miracles like going from an AA cup to D cup, well, forget it! You will not find natural breast enhancement tips for that.
Bad news is this: There is no 100% full proof miracles for everybody except plastic surgery. But I wouldn’t call THAT one a miracle either..
Good news: There are actually things that YOU can do to look better and create YOUR own miracle and achieve natural breast enhancement.
I’m not promising huge changes but I believe and actually experienced changesin my breast size by simply doing some things.
I wish you happy growing in your spirit as well and feeling better about yourself and getting your small boobs in the best shape you can.
Take care,
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