Perfect Natural Breasts

Can Small Breasts Be Perfect?

 What perfect natural breasts mean anyway? Probably all natural breasts are perfect and it is very silly to label breast size as "perfect". Although small breasted women are often saying that whatever size is in balance with their body is the perfect size.

If you follow the media, perfect probably means at least a full C if not a bigger D cup. That’s why you see sometimes breast augmented girls way out of proportion and you can tell that they wanted the "perfect size", because that is the norm. And now they "fit in". Right? Wrong! Do yourself a favor. If you ever get your breasts done (which we don’t recommend) stay in proportion!

The poll below has over 6000 votes. I am not telling you a big secret that the "C" cup is leading. What surprised me is that "B" is right behind and not "D". Actually almost the same amount of people prefer D and A.  :) If you are not a "C" rather an "A", probably this will not make you feel any better. Reading MEN opinion here might do :)

What is the perfect natural breasts size for you?
A cup
B cup
C cup
D cup
D plus
No such thing. free polls

OK. And here is a short summary on BB pills. Week 4-5:

 Five weeks passed already that I started taking breast enhancement pills again. As I reported I picked up some lost volume fast in the first 3 weeks. 
I did not have time to take my temperature and I skipped Kelp :( and also had only 1 protein shake a day and that was after my workout. However I massaged on a daily basis.  I have a petite, fragile looking body frame and anything bigger than a B would really draw attention to my breasts. And that is not my goal. I just want clothes to fit better! And I think it is going to happen :)If not, than I need more clothes made for my size.

Small Breasts Help

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