Progesterone Cream Side Effects

Should you use progesterone cream to increase breasts size?

What happens if you have too much progesterone?

Progesterone is a steroid hormone made by the corpus luteum ("the yellow body") of the ovary. Progesterone is essential to maintain pregnancy. It is also essential to balance the level of estrogen found in our body.

Too much estrogen, which level can increase significantly with menopause can cause breast cancer and cancer of the reproductive system, PMS, migraine.

However you don’t need menopause to have high estrogen level in your body.

The hormone fed livestock, which we end up eating; chemicals found in various products we use every day (creams, nail polish, cleaning products etc.), pesticides, obesity, stress can all cause estrogen dominance.

To balance estrogen dominance, natural progesterone cream is often prescribed.

Progesterone cream side effects:

Progesterone cream always should be prescribed by a doctor after your hormone level was tested. You can buy products containing wild yam, which can relieve some of the symptoms of estrogen dominance. However if your symptoms are severe it is always necessary to get a prescription from your doctor containing natural USP progesterone. If the label only says wild yam, that’s not equal with natural progesterone cream.

Applying too much natural progesterone cream can cause the following side effects:

► Depression,
► Lethargy,
► Feeling sleepy and tired,
► Weight gain,
► Anxiety,
► Vaginal dryness,
► Temporary increased and sometimes painful breasts.

Applying too much synthetic progesterone cream can cause the following side effects:

► All of the above+
► Breast, uterine cancer,
► Blood clots,
► Liver disease,
► Stroke,
► Abnormal vaginal bleeding.

If you use progesterone cream, it is very important to try to get rid of most of he environmental effects that can cause estrogen dominance. (This means try to go "bio" as much as possible.)

Progesterone cream alone was not proved to increase breasts size. Or if it does it is indicated as a "negative" side effect because it can be often painful. You can try and test wild yam cream, which rarely has any negative side effects.

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