Pubescent girls breasts and self-confidence

How to survive your teenager years with small breasts?

First of all, pubescent girls breasts will change a lot! So before you do anything, read this!

Nowadays, very young girls are thinking about plastic surgery to get rid of their AA cup boobs. Sadly it is very common now to get plastic surgery as a graduation gift. Wow! Trends are changing fast!

Do you think of your breasts as ugly breasts or odd breasts? Let me tell you, all your worries are normal and it is part of being a teenager.

I’m 34 and I survived my teen years. If there is somebody, then I'm the girl that should say, "I have ugly breasts." You might think I’m way too old. That’s what I thought when I was 14 and then.. you see things changed. Anyway you don’t understand it now, but you will.. later. Trust me on that.

It is funny how during those years my boobs were not my biggest problem. You see 20 years ago having big breasts was not as big of a deal as it is now.

It may seem odd to compare tiny breasts and freckles, but it is not that different if you think about it. Both are very visible! I had and of course I still have freckles all over my face.

Adults said that I have the cutest freckles ever and they look so good on me. Adults were nice, kids were cruel. Especially guys. They used to tease me and make me cry. I became very shy all through my high school years. It left such a deep hurt in me that I felt embarrassed about my freckles even at college My first year while I was at college I opened up a little bit more and the teasing stopped but still no boyfriend. The only thing I liked were parties at night! You know why? Because at night nobody could see my freckles!

I danced with lots of guys and had so much fun. But just like Cinderella I disappeared. There was this guy who really liked me and did not stop "bugging" me. He asked me why the heck on earth I don’t want to go out with him to have lunch?

Finally I had to tell him about my stupid freckles. And then came the biggest surprise to me. He said, "What are you talking about? I know you have freckles! The neon lights showed me all your freckles! They look good on you!"

I was shocked. It was true. Those blue neon lights we had at the club made my freckles visible.

It was unbelievable. I was worrying about them for at least a year in college (not to mention all through my life) and I did not want to meet people. And then I started to think: all those guys I danced with had to see my freckles!

And they had to like me because they seemed happy, they were feeling good and they had fun! I was having fun!

Later it became so obvious that they liked me with my freckles. They liked me because I was fun to be around. I had a nice personality!! So, do you get it?

Remember, your small breasts (that you may sometimes think of as ugly or odd) are just as visible as my freckles.

BUT they are only a problem for you!! You are the one who makes it a big issue!

Your breasts (and I am sure they not ugly breasts) are visible and guys will notice it no matter what.

There will be lots of them who will like your breasts even if they are odd, simple because they like YOU, because you are so much fun to be around!

The "only" thing you have to work on is to become a person who is fun to hang out with! ;)

And I have to be honest with you. 20 years later I’m not worrying about my freckles. I’ve started to worry about my tiny breasts.

If you think about it how silly it is! I’m not a teenager like you are. I don’t have to worry about getting a boyfriend so I don’t have the pressure to look "perfect" since I have a husband. OK. I want him to think of me as a pretty wife ;)..

Still. I’m getting into the same mistake I did 20 years ago with my freckles. After nursing 2 babies I got into this, "I hate my body and myself mood!" And I kept telling myself that I have ugly breasts. Do you know what happened? I ended up at the doctor.. My A cup breasts got even smaller and even started to sag! I never ever thought small breasts can sag!

Writing here on this website helps me a ton to "heal". So the only thing I wish you to understand is that you create the problem for yourself. I don’t blame it on you. Wherever we look it seems we must have big round beautiful breasts otherwise we are just not pretty enough.

I can imagine if my breasts became such a big issue for me, how hard it is for you! I understand the only thing you want is to blend in and feel "normal"! Supposedly, I am a grown up who should feel confident about myself.

Let me tell you. If you lack self-confidence it doesn't matter what age you are. A lot of women around the world are feeling the same about their A cup breasts as you feel. They feel that they have ugly breasts and odd breasts and they feel humiliated by being flat chested.

And do you know why? Because we were brainwashed that an A cup breast or smaller is an ugly breast and must be fixed!

If I have to blame somebody, I would blame it on advertising and the media.

How does the media influance YOUR feelings?

But the fact is, I can blame it on anybody but nobody will solve my problem. Just me. It is only you or me who can solve our problem by understanding what the media says is wrong!

And I am not saying that you shouldn't do anything about your breasts. I'm not saying to just accept yourself as you are! I never liked when people told me this stuff.

I will show you that proper nutrition, exercise can help a lot. Stay away from breast enlargement pills until you are 18! Stay away from plastic surgery even if it is very tempting. But what you should do is breast massage, eat properly and do chest exercises. They can do miracles and are very healthy!

You are a teenager. Your breasts are still changing. What you need to do is give all the support you can to let them develop into their full potential.

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