Best Push Up Bikini
for Small Boobs

I've purchased the BEST black push up bikini / black tankini combo I’ve ever had! After that I just had to get the blue/white one that is on the YouTube video :)

This is how it looks a 32A size gel gilled bikini top on me from the front and from the side.

It is absolutely awesome! I love it!

AA cup gel bikini push up effect
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My skin is very pale and it is kind of hard to see the "great curves" and depth I get from this push up tankini top. But trust me, it is there! I hope it is more visible from the side. It is very easy to wear, the gel paddings are at the right place, no need for adjustment at all.

 Of course my breasts will never look like a C cup in any bras or bikini tops because they are very small. But before you laugh, leave me alone  and let me enjoy what I can get out of these A/AA cup breasts. :)

This bikini makes me look like that I have a cleavage!! A small one, but at least something! :)

push up effect with the right bikini for an A/AA cup breasts :)
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If I put on the tankini (which I’ve ordered at size 8) it is absolutely looks like that I am a B cup. The scoop neck top has a tight cut but I guess it is perfect for my local community swimming pool.

It will show cleavage and it will show that I have breasts and I am not flat. You know how cruel these spandex tops can be... they squeeze and flatten your breasts down to nothing.

Well, wearing this push up bikini top won’t make me look like an ironing board that’s for sure! LOL

Here are the pictures form my regular triangle bikini. I’ve tried to take the same positions so you can have a good comparison. No push up feeling here :(
And I have always felt very uncomfortable in these.. ;(

bikini on a A/AA cup breasts with no push up
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Also note that if you have small beasts then ANY black top will make you look smaller. That is especially true for bikinis and bras.

But this bikini won’t, I guarantee it! Plus: Maxcleavage has many different great summer bikinis and tankini swim suits with lovely patterns an colors besides black. I’ve picked black because I‘ve never really had one since it makes you look smaller.

no cleavage with no push up gels for an A cup girl :(
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One thing about the bottom: I am a US size 4 and I’ve ordered a UK 6 bottom. It was absolutely small. I’ve returned it and got a size 8, which honestly still feel a little small, but I decided that it is time for some squats as well ;)

If you already have a great bikini but you would like to add a little volume, try thesebikini inserts.

This is my NEW favorite PUSH UP BIKINI in 2013!!:) Check it out in the video above.

I don't have a tan yet and I look smaller in it (this girl is a B cup) but I absolutely can create a cleavage with this bikini. It really worth every penny. I still have the black one from last year. If I can afford it, I will try to add a new MaxCleavage bikini each year!! I know they are pricey but trust me, it boosts your self-confidence like no other bikini and it is really really well made. Hand wash it and it will last for a very long time.

How about this cute retro gel filled tanikini? Click on the picture to learn details or to check out other great summer bikinis and tankinis.

Sizing starts as small as 30AA!!! :)

If you see the "Made to Order" sign, it only means an extra 1 or 2 days :)

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By Livia K

I have this amazing bikini above.

It will TOTALLY boost your bust with 1 cup!! :)

My picture is here :)

Instead of this:

Try this: