Can you be a runway model if you have a flat chest?

You bet!

If you look at fashion shows, it is very obvious. Almost all of those catwalk models have very small breasts.

Of course this carrier is not for everybody either.

Don’t chase unrealistic dreams. You must have certain features to become a fashion model. The main thing might be your height. You must be at least 5ft 9 inches. No chance otherwise. Clear skin, nice smile is a must.

You must have a natural semi-small size. And put emphasis on the natural part. You don’t want to be a model if you tend to gain weight easily. You don’t want to starve yourself! Girls with small breasts tend to have a smaller body frame as well with a lighter bone structure. However, it is not true for everybody! You don’t want to pursue a modeling carrier if the only way for you to stay thin is by not eating.

But it’s not my job to give you some runway modeling tips. All I’m saying is that if you are ambitious and have the right (tall and slim) body type, you can take an advantage of having small breasts and try yourself out on the catwalk.

Enhance your size a tiny bit. TIPS.

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