Special Tricks Against Saggy Breasts!
Do it yourself tricks at home!

Your breasts will sag with time. Even small breasts can sag with age and it is natural!

I never wanted to believe this. But after nursing two boys and a girl, I can tell you that I lost elasticity and I started to have saggy breasts. I figured out some way to make improvements. And the best thing you can do is:

Prevention, prevention, prevention!

Most of small breasted women think, that sagging is not their problem because there is nothing there that can sag!

You will be surprised!

Unfortunately small breasts can sag as well and even the smallest sagging will mean a flatter looking chest.

  What  to do? I think you know the answer: exercise and good skin care!

The skin layer of our cleavage is so thin that any cutting or pressing will leave a mark on it. I have a bigger freckle looking mole there that I wanted removed but the doctor said the scar would be more ugly than the actual small mole.

 To get  beautiful looking breasts and décolletage:

Massage: Use a soft brush or towel. Before showering, softly, starting from under your breasts do little circular motions moving up toward your décolletage. Do it gentle on your décolletage as well. This will make your skin look more fresh and flexible. It will remove any dead skin and unwanted deposits under your skin. Don’t forget to drink water to flush the waste out. Avoid: electric massage equipment. It can speed up your heart rate.

Peeling: Although the skin on your chest area is very thin, it is still necessary to remove the dead skin to make your skin look more even and flawless. Apply a little soft scrubbing cream on your fingertips and gently with small circular motion spread the cream but do not spread it on your nipples. Shower and use a soft towel to dry by patting gently. Do it moderately. Once a week is good enough.

Cleaning before bedtime: use a cotton pad and apply you everyday facial cleanser milk or tonic on your face, neck and décolletage. Do it with a circular upward motion so you will not stretch your skin and cause unwanted wrinkles.

Cold/Warm shower: alternate the different temperature water first on your breast then move to the cleavage area. The strength of shower should be moderately strong. Use cold water for 1 minute and switch to warm water for 1 other minute. Repeat it 3-4 times. Use a soft towel to dry. Your skin will look fresh and beautiful.

Ice-cube treatment: This is for the brave ones. Hold ice cubes in your hands and rub them on your breasts and cleavage area until they start to melt. This will make the vein vessels contract, your blood circulation will speed up and your skin will look tight and rosy.

Good everyday hydrating: anytime when your skin is exposed to sun (living circumstances, work, using suntan booth/solarium) you are risking that your skin will look older sooner. Too much sun takes water out of our skin, which will make it dry. This will cause our derma to become loose and our skin will sag. The décolletage will get wrinkles, freckles and liver spots. That’s why it is especially important to nourish this area very well.

Use the following:

·Lotions that have high protein, vitamin A and soy extract content.

·Use suntan lotion at least 15 UVA/UVB factor, 30 minutes before you step outside.

·After sun exposure use lotions that are high in vitamin C and E. Try to pick those ones that have minimal or are free of fragrance.

To prevent saggy breasts, apply masks to your cleavage. Also a few word about breast firming creams to prevent saggy breasts.


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