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Victoria’s Secret vs. MaxCleavage Bra

I wanted a good bra for my small breasts. A bra that gives me a sexy cleavage! :) A bra that gives me comfort and a great breast enhancement instantly.

I wanted the get one among the Victoria's Secret bras and one bra from MaxCleavage. I’ve ordered 2 bras online.
I highlighted "online" because honestly the best way to buy a bra is to walk in to your favorite lingerie store and try them on.


We all know that different cuts, different shapes, different sizing can be a headache especially if you order them online. But I have no VS or MaxCleavage close by and I wanted a good bra that gives me cleavage. :)

I’ve ordered the same size: a 32A bra

First of all there was no problem with delivering. Both orders came fine, Maxcleavage was discrete, came in a white box, showing no indication what might be inside the box. Even the company name was not on the box, I know some of you might be bothered by the "cleavage" sign, that’s why I mention.

The surprise came when I tried them on.

Victoria Secret 32A :(
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The Victoria's Secret bra was a big disappointment: Look at this picture: size 32A.

WAY TOO BIG!! :(( It is a really bad fit for me, lots of gapping, although it contains proper push-up. This bra has no adjustable straps at all. This was listed as a bra that gives you an instant boost. Well... I don’t think so. :(

What I still like about it that it is lightweight , very silky and smooth. But honestly this bra looks really bad on me. Paid 48USD + shipping. Unfortunately it’s not working for me.

MaxCleavage 32A :)
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MaxCleavage on the other hand fits smoothly. I’ve ordered the Double Gel Lace bra. It has thick padding, I was scarred for a second that it will look very unnatural. However this is absolutely not true. It feels and looks great, shows no gaps at all. It is true to its size. Easy to adjust the straps. Absolutely gives you 1 cup (maybe 2) boost. Paid: 38 USD + shipping. LOVE IT!
So what do you think?

OK. I might not have the most sexy cleavage but for sure the bra helps me to feel better. :) I don't need too much more...

AND the best part: MaxCleavage carries bikinis for AA cup size as well, and if you want to give a surprise to your husband or boyfriend, they have stunning baby doll outfits with liquid filled cups like this one bellow. These products are awesome if you are an AA or A size.

Visit them here: MaxCleavage

Don't forget to read the reviews!
You will see that I’m not making this all up! :)

Beautiful Wedding Gowns for Small Breasts.


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By Livia K

I have this amazing bikini above.

It will TOTALLY boost your bust with 1 cup!! :)

My picture is here :)