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Did you know that a 34A size bra is bigger than a 32A? And we are talking about not just the band size but the cup size as well. Yes, it is important to know your band size when you shop.

If you just go out and shop for a couple of 34A small cup bras but you are only a 32A, well, it can be a problem. Maybe you will be able to adjust the band size on the back of the bra, but you will not fill out the cup completely...

To get your band size: measure it right under your breasts. If you get an odd number, add 5" and if you get an even number, add 4". So if you measure 27", add 5" and your band size will be 32.

Then measure your actual breast , running the tape-measurer across your nipple.

You are a 32A if your band size is 32 and your diameter is 6".
You are a 34A if your band size is 34 and your diameter is 7".
You are a 36A if your band size is 36 and your diameter is 8" and so on.

You see, a girl with a 34A actually has a bigger breast volume than a 32A. Not that it matters that much since the band size is bigger too. Her breasts will not look more enhanced either.

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