What causes stretch marks on breasts?

What makes stretch marks on breasts go away?

If you are a small A cup probably you don’t have stretch marks on your breasts. This could be only true if you had small breasts in your whole life. If you lost weight, maybe you are one those who suffers from it even if you are an A cup right now.

The most common causes of stretch marks are weight gain. Getting you first stretch marks in your teenagers years are very common. Our body around puberty starts to change rapidly. I remember getting curvy fast especially around my hips and thighs and that’s when I got stretch marks.

Even if you are a small A cup, check your body!

If you have stretch marks somewhere else, most likely on you butt, hips, inner thighs, WATCH OUT! During pregnancy you will have a high chance to develop stretch marks on your breasts as well.

If you ever consider breast augmentation, think about stretch marks! Some women will end up with unwanted, ugly stretch marks on their breasts because of drastic changes, pulling and tearing to their skin.

Stretch marks on breasts from pregnancy

Yes, yes, yes!

During pregnancy your breasts will change a lot. It is possible to go from an A cup up to a C cup in a VERY SHORT period of time. If you had stretch marks on your body before, you are prone to have stretch marks on breasts and of course on your belly as well.

How does stretch marks look like?

At first they are pretty deep colored, like red or purple and have this broken short line look. With time they can fade and will become white or silvery but always a bit shiny. It clearly looks like some kind of mark on your skin. A mark of weight gain..

Avoiding stretch marks during pregnancy

Very important: keep your body hydrated all the time!

Hydration goes 2 ways:

1.Drink enough WATER! Soda, coffee takes water away from your body and causes dehydration. Dehydration eventually can lead to dry skin. Dry skin can’t stretch as nicely. Just think about a Filo dough , the paper thin pastry. You have to work with it semi moist, otherwise it will tear. Your skin is the same! It will tear, leaving stretch marks if you don’t keep it hydrated all the time.

2.Hydrate your skin from the outside as well. This means use moisturizing cream. Apply cream all over you body, on your breasts as well.

Regular moisturizer cream is enough to prevent stretch marks on breasts?

Yes, if no changes affects your body. No extra weight gain, you are not pregnant.

I would recommend a cocoa butter with vitamin E for an every day care.

But if you are pregnant or gaining weight fast, you want prevention!

Prevention is much easier than eliminating stretch marks.

With the right cream and fluid intake you can prevent them or at least have less. Prevention of stretch marks on breasts work much better than on your belly.

This is very logical too. Breasts grow rapidly but not as fast as the skin on your belly has to stretch with the growing baby. On the other hand breasts stretch marks can occur sooner during pregnancy, so it is important to use the right cream before you see your belly bump!

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These procedures will help to make stretch marks on breasts less visible.

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