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Extand having tight breasts for a longer time period!

Even small breasts can sag with time. Maybe this is hard to believe but it is true. We women with smaller busts will have firmer and tighter breasts for a longer time, but eventually (as the skin everywhere in our body will sag when we age) our breasts will sag as well .

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It is really good news that perkiness and roundness last for a much longer time. You can extend this period if you don’t forget these simple steps. These steps can even help to bring the tightness back to some extent. If you are a woman with larger breasts , these steps are still helpful but please keep in mind that no creams will create a miracle breast lift for you.

It doesn’t matter how expensive those creams are! They are very good if you have slight sagging, but you can’t expect inches or centimeters to be erased by a cream. Always be realistic!

Anyway, keep your tight breasts by following these simple steps:

1. Drink plenty of water every day.
2. Avoid carbs and refined sugar as much as possible.
3. Hot and cold showers can do miracles. If you are skipping this, just remind yourself not to use too hot water.
4. Proper bra. Although if you have small breasts, this is not such a biggie.
5. Do chest exercises. Please don’t be afraid to use light weights. You will not end up looking like a body builder!
6. Apply cream regularly. In your 20’s, plain moisturizer can be enough, but you can add extra vitamin E to your cream by opening up a vitamin E capsule. Later in life, bust firming creams are helpful. None of these are too cheap and none of these will lift inches. Normally a 1.7oz (50ml) cream runs for around 50USD.

Tip: Always check out Amazon.com before you buy from anywhere else.

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