Unusual perspective on breast size

by Karen

I have a somewhat unusual perspective on breast size. Most of my adult life, I was a AA. Then, due to a stressful situation, I gained 60 pounds. The Horror! My bras didn't fit well, but I kept wearing them until a clerk in Nordstrom's talked me into having a bra fitting. My correct size was DD! OMG!!!

I'm working on the weight problem and I can hardly wait to get back to my AA's. Having experienced both AA's and DD's in the same lifetime, I can truly say: don't ever wish for breasts that size. They are really uncomfortable and I think unattractive.
Here's to AA's!

Going from 32 AA to 32 A cup.


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my experience
by: Anonymous

I had similar experience. I was about 34B before my pregnancy,then I gain 60lbs and all went to my face/boobs. After I was full 36C for a yr.till i lost all my pregnancy weight. I couldn't wait to go back to my usual weight-size.I guess I become so used to my weight/boobs that I couldnt accept myslef.

by: Anonymous

wow I hope your telling the truth...because that made me appricaite by 32A's much more!! Really funny story though. Im sure your loose the weight soon...but do you really want to go back that small...why not the coveted B cup... just curious?

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