Upper Chest Exercise Workout
for Women to firm breasts 

This page is not about weight loss but upper chest exercise workout for women. Exercise to get firm breasts!

For weight loss you need to do cardio aerobic exercises. When you have small breasts, you don’t want to lose weight...

This chest muscle exercise page will show you what upper body exercise you need to do that will give you a nice posture and firmer chest muscles.

Nice posture means keeping yourself straight, your back is not hunching, your shoulders are nicely toned, pulled back.

Exercise for better and bigger looking chest!

If you will do none from the exercises below, just remember this:

upper chest exercise workout for women pushups


This is a must for nicer, firmer looking breasts! You can do it!

The chest exercise I'm going to show you will give your chest an uplift and give you a nice posture. Your breasts will stick out more and your clothes will look better on you. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

There is a trick to this one too. By overdoing it, you can lose weight from your breasts! Now, you definitely don’t want that...The secret is about the amount you doing.

The other thing is strengthening your chest will also take some time. It won’t happen overnight. But if you are consistent you should see the results as soon as 6 weeks!

Do this:

First check your BMI.(Body Mass Index)

Determine if you are:· Normal · Underweight · Overweight.

When you get the number also take into consideration what your body frame is. BMI is just a starting point. Even if your BMI falls into the normal range you can be overweight if you have a small frame. But this goes the other way too.

Knowing your BMI will help you determine how much food you need to eat in order to NOT lose weight.

If you are underweight and lots of small breasted women are, you still can do chest exercises but make sure that you take extra calories. Otherwise I guarantee you will lose weight from your breasts. Even if you think it is impossible to lose any more since nothing is there..

If you are overweight and you are exercising and watching your calorie intake, expect that you will lose weight even from your breasts. But if you do this chest building exercise it will not be as obvious. The benefit you get from slimming down is much more beneficial than half an inch loss from your breasts.

Besides the chest exercise workout you will need to do cardio and tummy exercises as well to lose weight.

If you are in the normal range, you still need to pay attention to your diet. Replace the lost calories with healthy stuff that make you "grow". This means protein. Lots of lean meat, milk, yoghurt.

Don’t be scared that you will get the body builder look. With these exercises you are not going to lift heavy weights. The only thing you will gain is a nice strong back, nicely toned arms and shoulders and a firmer chest.

If you fall into the "pear shaped" category, upper body strengthening will help your waist look slimmer. The good way to make your waist slimmer is to increase the size of your shoulders ;). This is like getting two things for one price... ;)

Before you start

1.Know your health condition well. If you have any doubt whether exercising is good for you, consult with your doctor. Even if you think you are perfectly healthy one physical checkup with your doctor is necessary.

2. Get a mirror. Keeping yourself in the right position will help you to get the most out of your chest exercise. Good position also will help not to get injured.

3. You will need a pair of dumbbells. It is hard to determine what weights you will need. If you are a total beginner go with the smaller weights, like a 2-3 pounds each. But the rule is that the last repetition you are doing should be very difficult. Still the form should be good.

That’s why it is important to look in the mirror, to keep yourself focused on the position you have to hold your body. Once the repetitions are feeling too easy, you need to invest in heavier dumbbells.

4. If you have a fitness ball, great! If you don’t, use a chair.

5. Warm up before you start.

6. Lift and lower your weights slowly. Throughout the moves your body should stay in one place. The mirror will help. If you swing the weights or let them down too fast it probably means you are using too heavy weights. Then you should get some lighter ones.

It is important to do the suggested repetitions properly. So just get lighter weights. No big deal. By no time you will be ready for heavier ones.

7. Breathe throughout the lifts.

8. Rest and recover. Your muscles will need time to recover and build. Rest 2 days between sessions.

9. Always wear a good supporting sports bra.  Even if you are small. It is a must. Like a Champion sports bra.

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