What Do Men Want?
What Breast Size?

Does it really matter to men if you have small breasts?

Heck no. There are way bigger things that will be a turn off for men than small breasts. Crying, wining, finding excuses for everything, sloppiness in any ways are always things that will make men reject us.

Read answers from men whether bigger breasts are better or not.

So, what do men want from us?

► Confidence, because that is totally sexy.
► Fun, because a good laugh is always in a need.
► Trust, because even they need to open up to someone.
► Admiration, because that helps their ego.

For some reason CONFIDENCE is the one that is very hard to reach for most of us. There is always somebody prettier, taller, skinnier, curvier, more endowed and just the thoughts of these can make our lives a living hell.

How to Gain Confidence with Flat Breasts?

I am not Ms. Brain but self-acceptance and self-love are a MUST to have confidence. Of course, due to advertisements and publications, small breasts can give you a pretty big mental block to develop a healthy self-esteem.

You need to understand that there is nothing wrong with small breasts. Those who are making you feel this way, they want your business. They want you money either to be spent on pills, cream, or a bigger sum on plastic surgery.

So What Should You Do?

Any activities that help you appreciate your body will help. Engaging in activities like belly dancing or any type of dancing lessons where you work with your body will help you to bring the woman out of yourself. Get your local paper out and check for classes near you! You can get to know your limits by doing yoga. Bikram yoga is an excellent choice! Self-help books, true friends who understand you are a gold mine.

Once you love yourself, it will be easier to love someone else. You will have more patience, you will have less "empty" thoughts revolving around yourself.

Of course in some way, physical beauty counts as well. Exam yourself well and emphasize your strength. Also do and act about your beauty! A new hairdo, nails, exercise to get you in shape are all very realistic dreams. Changing breast size is very hard to control but a stronger, more fit body is in your hands. Get noticed for your legs if your boobs are smaller. :)

Don't believe me? Check the Boobs vs Booty poll out.

Any other thoughts on what do men want or thoughts on how to gain self-confidence will be really appreciated.

What do men want?

Women need real examples. Please say: "I did this..." or "Doing this would help..." etc. Help us to execute! We would especially like to hear from you if you have smaller breasts. How do you do it?

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